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Breakthrough Ideas for 2005.

Breakthrough Ideas for 2005

R. Kramer, J. Kirby, J. Bower, J. Rayport, E. Bonabeau, R. Martin, K. Kalyanam, M. Zweben, R. Merton, T. Stewart, M. Sawhney, D. Caruso, T. Davenport, L. Buchanan, H. Chesbrough, K. Lieberthal, J. Wirtz, L. Heracleous, M. Bateson, and J. Rosen. 2005. Harvard business review 83 (2): 17-54.

"The article presents innovative management ideas from the annual survey, HBR List of Breakthrough Ideas for 2005. Contributors to the list include anthropologist Mary Catherine Bateson and business professor Roderick M. Kramer. Eric Bonabeau, chief scientific officer at Icosystem in Cambridge, MA, mentions advances in sound technology and the outlook for auditory display, data sonification, and directional sound. Aspects of dialog marketing are explained by Kirthi Kalyanam, director of Internet retailing at the Retail Management Institute at Santa Clara University in California. The potential for equity swaps to transfer investment risk in diversified world portfolios is discussed by Robert C. Merton, cofounder of a specialized investment bank, Integrated Finance Limited."

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Title Annotation:MANAGEMENT
Author:Slusher, Tabitha
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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