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I am writing to you as the new Chief Editor of the Renal Society of Australasia Journal (RSAJ). I am so enthusiastic about this incredible opportunity and wish to express my thanks to Professor Paul Bennett for entrusting the journal that he developed from scratch to me. Professor Bennett has done an amazing job and taken the journal from its first tentative steps to being the peak scholarship journal for nephrology nurses and allied health professionals in Australia.

I am a renal nurse from Adelaide, but have been working in the United Kingdom for the past 11 years at City University as the senior renal lecturer and programme director for pre-registration nurses. Prior to that, I worked in a number of renal units in both London and Adelaide as a renal nurse and renal nurse educator. I returned to Adelaide in December 2015 and commenced working at the University of Adelaide as a lecturer in January 2016.

During my time in the United Kingdom I was a member of the Education Board for the European Dialysis Transplant Nurses Association (EDTNA/ERCA), led a Europe-wide clinical nephrology competency project, and published nephrology book chapters and journal articles. I was a founding member of the haemodialysis venous needle dislodgement project in association with Redsence Medical, which currently continues. I have been on the editorial board of the RSAJ and the Journal of Renal Care.

There are three fantastic Associate Editors for the RSAJ, Dr Ann Bonner, Dr Deirdre Fetherstonhaugh and Dr Allison Williams, whose support and guidance is appreciated and also Greg Paull and the team at Cambridge Media who are guiding me through the mystery that is ScholarOne. I will be working closely with all these people and the editorial board members to consider the next steps to develop the journal further. I plan to hold an editorial board meeting at the renal conference in June and hope that as many members of the editorial board will be able to attend, either in person or by teleconference.

I do hope you enjoy reading this issue which includes another NEN continuing professional development series article this time on Advance Care Planning in Nephrology Care. The journal plans to include a NEN article each edition thanks to Peter Sinclair. We also have an invited editorial from Professor Paul Bennett reviewing nephrology nursing publications: topics and research methods and on behalf of the journal I would like to wish him every happiness in the USA. This edition also focuses on telehealth initiatives, building cultural bridges with indigenous Australians and the outcomes of arteriovenous fistula monitoring in a home hemodialysis population. I do hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Journal and I look forward to receiving new articles for submission to the journal this coming year.

Melissa Chamney, The University of Adelaide, SA, Australia

Correspondence to: Melissa Chamney, The University of Adelaide, SA, Australia


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Author:Chamney, Melissa
Publication:Renal Society of Australasia Journal
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 1, 2016
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