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Breakfast baskets.

Breakfast baskets

Bold weaving and a dash of color makethese paper Easter baskets a simple project the whole family can enjoy. Designed with folded strips of wallpaper or wrapping paper, the range in size from a tiny container for a palmful of jellybeans to one big enough for a hard-cooked egg and crossiant. One without a handle hides a 5-to 6-inch plastic flowerpot.

The basic weave is the same over-and-undertechnique that many kindergartners learn. Each four-sided basket starts with an interwoven grid of strips called stakes, which become the bottom and vertical side pieces. A basket with a handle uses a longer stake double-folded for extra strength. The horizontal side pieces are called weavers. Each basket takes about 2 hours to make.

Paper and other materials

Because wallpaper is sturdy and comes inmany colors and patterns, it's a perfect weaving material. At some wallpaper stores, you can find remnant rolls or discontinued patterns at reduced prices; or you may have a roll tucked away in a drawer. In addition to paper (see amounts below), you'll need double-sided tape, craft glue, scissors, paper clips, and a yardstick. The paper amounts given are for wallpaper stock; if you use wrapping paper, double the specified width of the strips for extra thickness.

Jellybean basket: cut 8 stakes, 2 by 12inches; 1 handle, 4 by 15 inches; and 3 weavers, 2 by 12 inches.

Breakfast basket with handle: cut 8stakes, 3 by 15 inches; 1 handle, 6 by 20 inches; and 3 weavers, 3 by 20 inches.

Cachepot basket: cut 10 stakes, 3 by 25inches; and 6 weavers, 3 by 25 inches.

Folding and weaving

After cutting wallpaper strips to appropriatesizes, strengthen them by folding them into narrower four-layer strips. Start by folding each strip in half lengthwise, unfold, then fold the outside edges to the center crease. Fold in half lengthwise again, this time aligning outside folded edges. To get a crisp crease, slide a ruler over folded edges at each step or rub with thumbnail.

Note that handle pieces are twice thewidth of the stakes and weavers. Fold these strips in half before folding them like the other strips.

To weave the baskets, follow the stepsoutlined in the photographs on opposite page. First lay out the stakes on a flat working surface. Center the pieces, align the ends, and keep the weave tight.

You can make bigger baskets by addingmore and longer weavers and stakes. Although this wallpaper basketry is sturdy enough for a few eggs and jellybeans, the containers are primarily decorative and shouldn't be used for heavy loads.

Basket design: Roxi Alderete of Fremont,California.

Photo: Base of basket starts with interwoven"stakes'; longer handle piece runs in middle of odd-numbered side. Join stakes at corners of woven base section with double-sided tape

Photo: For sides, tape "weaver' to back of stake,then weave through upright stakes, creasing at basket corners. When weaver overlaps itself by two or three stakes, cut and glue end

Photo: To finish top edge of basket, cut stakeslong enough to wrap over top weaver and tuck 3/8 inch under its lower edge (don't cut handle). Secure 3/8-inch section with glue

Photo: For handle, curve longer end of strip overbasket and weave strip down opposite side, following stake; glue. Glue other end of strip under handle; hold with paper clips until dry

Photo: Lined with napkins to matchtablecloth, breakfast baskets created from striped wallpaper make a cheery presentation for an Easter brunch

Photo: Tiny basket uses 1/2-inch-widefolded paper strips. Bird's head shape serves as place card

Photo: Five-inch-high disguise for pottedplant should be lined with plastic bag if you're going to water
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Date:Apr 1, 1987
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