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Breakfast and pies.

Another all-day-breakfast place to visit is Chef Ed Bugia's Breakfast and Pies in Malingap St. Teacher's Village. As one comes in the scent of fresh baked pastry and sweet spices for bread gives one a sense of consolement as one is handed the menu that features day starter items served all throughout until a last order is called at 9:30 in the evening.

The menu gives credence to what many regard as the most important meal of the day and seems to tease present healthy and light concepts in exchange for hearty, decadent approaches to giving oneself a breakfast treat since an extra mile was taken to go this restaurant.

In my past several visits, the plated all-day-breakfast and breakfast specials have never disappointed me. I liked the Huevos Rancheros which is an scattered omelet mix of zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato, beans, tomato, bacon, peppers, Italian sausage with two kinds of cheese and eggs served on a skillet and given a topping of fried crisp chicken skin. Eventually, my preferences pointed to the Skillet Fritata of ham, bacon, longanisa, mushroom, spinach, peppers, tomato, three kinds of cheese, and eggs all cooked in and served in a hot skillet. Every bite is well savored and appreciated because the omelet stays hot till the last morsel is consumed.

Because we did make the trip, it would be senseless and miser like to just have one dish. So recommendable is the Ultimate Bacon Rice served in thick semi glazed slices with scrambled egg and bacon jam (probably a rediscovered fat man's take on a spread made of bacon, maple, and bacon grease or an alien's recipe gifted to earthlings... Delicious!!! Just bring out the stations and ACE inhibitors... I also forgot to mention the fried rice...) One also can have the housemade corned beef served with herbed garlic fried rice, double sunny side up eggs with your choice of sliced or hash in original, chili, or garlic saute. The other best seller would be the Wagyu Beef Tapa served with garlic kimchi, kimchi fried rice, five-minute egg and atchara.

Having all the savory and cured items would mean having some sweet breakfast breads on the side. Unfortunately, I have gone several times and the waffles for several times seems to elude me and my eating friends as the machine has been under repair for a rather long period of time. Nevertheless, the sticky bun with its caramel or butterscotch sauce is something I would recommend. Together with the breakfast sets, though I never get to polish off the rather cloying sauce. Another favorite are the Red Velvet pancakes with a sweet cream cheese sauce to dab the red pancakes with.

The baked items are assuringly fresh, as a lot of the house baked breads are sold at 50% off on closing time (great time to be there...) And since this is a place that specializes in pies their snacks which is a version of Momofuka milk Bar's bestseller is a great introductionto their range of pies. My favorite and has great compatibility to breakfast food, especially to bacon is their apple pies with gruyere and its sugar free version. These pies seem to come out of a 60's rock and roll era diner setting or a red neck eatery with its old fashioned top crust and its sliced apple filling arranged in a shale like manner. The spicing is robust, but does not cover up the flavors of the apples. The Brownies are also recommendable and are worth taking home for cheating up to the next day...)

I guess Breakfast and Pies delivers what it claims on its menu front cover where they believe in "working hard and rewarding oneself (and one's sweet tooth...) They believe in seeking the comfort of breakfast at any time of the day. Now, to come back and try those elusive waffles...

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Date:Nov 13, 2014
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