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Breadline Rejects Traditional Theater Fundraising Model For Self-Sufficient Bootstrapping; Out: Outside Funding - In: Ticket Sales, Space Rental, Art Classes.

CHICAGO, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- While the name "Breadline" may conjure images of the indigent begging for handouts, the theater bearing that name does anything but.

Breadline Theatre, in the Lakeview neighborhood of northern Chicago, is completely self-funded. Instead of relying on outside donations from corporations and other organizations, Breadline has combined its business acumen with a commitment to assisting the arts community to develop and implement a business model that generates revenue via alternate means.

Breadline is fully supported via income from ticket sales; rehearsal space rental; art gallery and party space rental; on-site classes, such as acting, voice and playwriting; as well as welcome but generally unsolicited individual donations.

"Our philosophy is that arts and culture organizations can bolster their own success by sharing best practices and financial strategies, as opposed to viewing other groups as merely competitors vying for a the same pool of limited resources," said Paul Kampf, founder and artistic director of Breadline Theatre. "For the benefit of the entire theater community, we encourage other arts organizations to consider adopting this model as well."

At least partly due to the success of this model, Breadline's work has been recognized nationally. An original screenplay initially produced on the theater's stage caught the attention of casting director Deborah Aquila (Mission Impossible 3, House of Sand and Fog) and it is now being produced as a feature-length independent film.

On November 18, Breadline debuted "Sons of Liberty," written by Kampf and Michael Oswalt. Set in Boston on the verge of the American Revolution and also in contemporary times, Sons of Liberty examines the turbulent events that led to American independence and the political upheaval that divides our country today. The production runs through December 19.

"Throughout our 11-year history, we've been building a hybrid of business and art for the sake of sustaining artistic passion in the realities of the marketplace," said Kampf. "As arts organizations across the country continue to face funding deficits, we encourage them to consider adopting this model as well."

All performances and previews take place at Breadline Theatre, located in the Breadline Center for the Performing Arts at 1804 W. Berenice. Regular tickets are $20; student and senior tickets are $12 (credit cards accepted). Call 773-327-6096 or e-mail for reservations. Group rates also available; contact Heather Carpenter for details.

For more information about the Breadline Theatre fundraising model, visit or email .
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Date:Nov 30, 2004
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