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Bread and Wine.

Bread and Wine

(Pane e vino, 1937; revised 1962) A novel by Ignazio Silone. The hero, Pietro Spina, returns to his native Abruzzi after fifteen years of exile to continue his antifascist agitation. As he travels through the country, disguised as a priest, he sees the inroads made upon the Italian character by Mussolini's rule. Finding that the underground movement is in chaos and doubting the validity of his old revolutionary slogans, he eventually flees to avoid certain arrest. Other important characters include the devout Cristina and Don Benedetto, a priest who is an uncompromising opponent of the regime and who is poisoned by the sacramental wine he drinks as he celebrates mass. In the 1962 version of the novel, the Italian title was changed to Vino e pane.

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Date:Jan 1, 1987
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