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Brazilian plant extract washes away laugh lines and crow's feet.

Laugh lines and crow's feet are often the result of decades of smiling. But when they show up, they're more likely to make people frown than laugh. Fortunately, we don't have to become poker-faced to have smooth, youthful-looking skin. Instead, we can use what my friend Dr. David Wood calls "Brazilian magic" to help turn back the clock.

Despite its exotic nickname, Brazilian magic is simply an extract from a plant that grows in Brazil. It's called Spilanthes acmella. But its effects do seem downright magical! That's because this plant contains a powerful natural muscle relaxant that helps our fine lines and wrinkles melt away. Even better, the plant also contains alkylamides that can tighten the collagen fiber network around the eyes. Spilanthes also has significant antioxidant properties that help to encourage the health of the skin when you apply it topically.

When I first heard about this extract, I thought it might be too good to be true. But, it was actually better than I realized.

One study had a group of women--aged 45 to 65--try the extract on their crow's feet. Another group used a placebo. Generally, researchers conduct scientific studies over several weeks so they can see effects over time. In this study, the women saw results the very next day. They already had 36% fewer lines and wrinkles than the poor women in the control group.

Starting from day one, 53% of the participants noticed that their skin was firmer, and 61% said it looked smoother. The more they used it, the better their results were.

With results like that, I knew we had to include spilanthes extract in the Systeme 41 Revitalizing Eye Treatment. We made sure to use the same amount that was used in the study to ensure similar results. Apply the Eye Treatment in the morning and evening. You can order it by calling 800-791-3446.

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Title Annotation:Spilanthes acmella
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Date:Apr 1, 2016
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