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Brazilian blacklist.

BRAZILIAN BLACKLIST. Curacao's Minister of Economic Development Abdul Nasser El Hakim met with former president of Brazil Luiz Lula da Silva in an effort to get Curacao taken off the Brazilian tax transparency blacklist, reports the Curacao Chronicle (Aug. 16, 2012). For years, Curacao has been on the Brazilian blacklist of jurisdictions classified as tax havens and privileged tax regimes, meaning that Curacao has been unable to engage in business opportunities with Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America. Hakim considers Curacao's new status as country since Oct. 10, 2010, as a great opportunity to remedy this issue. The minister has assembled a commission, with members from the Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance and CIFA to pursue the removal of Curacao from the blacklist. This has, however, proven to be challenging and has up to now progressed slowly on a technical level while the commission is still in communication with the Brazilian federal tax authorities in this regard.
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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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