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Brazilian agricultural media.

GLOBO RURAL Web: Target Audience: All Brazilian agricultural/animal sectors Publisher: Editora Globo S.A. Chief Editor: Vladimir Brandao Advertising: Jose Soares (supervisor), Carlos Roberto A. de Sa (coordinator), Daniele (Asst.) phone: 55 11 3767-7520 Circulation: 130,000/month Recent headlines: Result-oriented cooperatives Northeastern Mato Grosso replaces cattle with soybeans Conab forecasts 3.1% less in 2004 grain harvest

REVISTA SAFRA (founded 1999) Web: Target Audience: Multiple/agribusiness Editor/Publisher: The Safras Group (see Safras Group below) Editor: Lauro V. Jardim Contact: Saeta Commercial Dept. in Goiania, GO SP Office: 55 11 3256-8317--Gilberto Soares Circulation: 35,000 in 22 states/month

ALIMENTACAO ANIMAL (Animal Feed) Web: Target Audience: Animal Feed Manufacturers/Buyers Editor/Publisher: Sindiracoes (National Syndicate of the Animal Feed Industry) Contact: Through Web site Circulation: Declined to inform

A GRANJA (founded 1944) Plus: AG Leiloes (Auctions) Web: Target Audience: "The Rural Leader Magazine" Executive Managers: Eduardo Hoffmann/Gustavo Hoffmann Contact: Glaucia 55 11 3331-0488 or 3331-0686 (SP) Circulation: 70,000/month (the 2 titles) Recent headlines: A cotton sea in the Cerrado region Work. The hinterland shows its power Peanuts: An unexploited wealth

AGRINOVA Web: Target Audience: Agriculture and animal stock as a whole Publisher: It Editor: Solange Contact: Erika Ribeiro do Amaral, Assist. Phone: 55 11 3823-6685 (SP) Circulation: 20,000/monthly (free distribution, through site) Recent headlines: New Holland shows its largest grain harvester Government defines actions against greening Minister will sell biodiesel in Asia

CULTIVAR GROUP--4 publications: Cultivar--Large Cultures- 26,000 circ. Cultivar--Greens & Fruits- 24,000 circ. Cultivar--Equipment--26,000 circ. Cultivar--Bovines--30,000 (initial) circ. Web: Target Audience: 4 separate markets Editor/Publisher: Grupo Cultivar de Publicacoes Ltda. Contact: Schubert 55 53 3028-4008 (Pelotas, RS) Phones: 55 53 3028-4010/4011

A LAVOURA Web: Editor/Publisher: National Agricultural Society, or SNA Contact: Silvia Marinho/SNA Av. General Justo, 1711 Rio de Janeiro--RJ-20021-130--Brazil Phone: 55 21 2533-0088/fax: 55 21 2240-4189 Circulation: 20,000/quarterly Recent headlines: Coop exports grew by 19% in 2003 Producers can choose more resilient soybean varieties New beans have more protein

AGROPECUARIA CENTRO OESTE Web: Target Audience: Segmented to the Brazilian Center-West region (states of Goias, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins, NW Minas Gerais) Editor/Publisher: C&G Comunicacao & Marketing Circulation: 16,000/monthly

REVISTA DO PLANTIO DIRETO (No-till Mag) Web: Target Audience: Grain producers Editor/Publisher: Aldeia Norte Editora (Passo Fundo/RS) Contact: Phone/Fax: 55 54 311-1235 Circulation: 12,000 / monthly Recent headlines: Liquid nitrogen application in wheat Minimum till Scenario of record harvest in the U.S.

REVISTA RURAL Web: Target Audience: "Any type of economic activity related to agriculture and animal stock" Editor/Publisher: Criacao Assess., Comun. & Com. Ltda. Contact: Phone 55 11 3023-1355 Circulation: 20,000 / monthly Recent headlines: Precision at work and in profits Brazilian beef will "conquer the world" Corn: Production adjusted to consumption.

TELEVISION GLOBO RURAL ON TV Sunday morning one- or two-hour shows (depending on F1 races in Europe or local sports broadcasts) To Contact the RBS Group (in English): g/jsp/default.jsp?contexto=grupo & paginamenu=../library/menu_grupo_apresentacao. lbi&paginaconteudo=../library/gruporbs_capa.lbi Click on "Contact Us" at lower left corner Recent shows and reports: Mechanization without unemployment Export-bound beef Cotton turnaround
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Title Annotation:Mass media industry
Author:Thompson, Jim (American legislator)
Publication:Agri Marketing
Article Type:Cover Story
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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