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Brazilian Prostitute Claims Sexual Encounter with Justin Bieber, Says it Was Super Delicious [VIDEO].

Nightmares are here to stay for Justin Bieber. Just a few days after a Brazilian prostitute posted a video of the "Girlfriend" singer allegedly sleeping in her bed, another girl has claimed that she had a sexual encounter with him and described it as super delicious.

It's not yet known if the girl is the same person who leaked a video of the singer a couple of days ago.

Bieber reportedly spent time at adult nightclub Le Palace in Panama, before he was caught on camera leaving Centauros brothel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 1 November. A prostitute at the nightclub has alleged that she slept with him and was paid $500, according to ( website Critica.

She claimed in an interview to the site that 10 girls were chosen to join him at his hotel after spending time at the nightclub.

"They took our bags and our cell phones. Justin came in running in a black hoodie and went in the bathroom," the alleged prostitute ( told Critica (quote translated by ( Hollywood Life ). "They took us in their car to the hotel. There was so much emotion, it was incredible."

"I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything!" she claimed. "He gave me $500 because I was the one that got with him. He gave all of us concert tickets."

The girl went on to say that she had a good time with the singer.

"It was delicious. It was super delicious, because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him," she said.

The 19-year-old singer was in the news a few days ago after a Brazilian prostitute posted his alleged video on YouTube. A woman named Gaby Del Campo tweeted a message to Bieber offering the services of prostitutes earlier this week before sharing a picture of dollars she claimed the singer paid her.

Bieber had reportedly rented a private mansion, after he was thrown out of the Copacabana Palace Hotel for bringing prostitutes to his room.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Nov 9, 2013
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