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Articles from Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (June 1, 2019)

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Are experienced and high-level race walking athletes able to match pre-programmed with executed pacing? Alves, D.L.; Cruz, R.; Lima-Silva, A.E.; Domingos, P.R.; Bertuzzi, R.; Osiecki, R.; De-Oliveira, F.R 4082
Cardiac function and intracellular [Ca.sup.2+] handling proteins are not impaired by high-saturated-fat diet-induced obesity. Deus, A.F.; Vileigas, D.F.; Silva, D.C.T.; Tomasi, L.C.; Campos, D.H.S.; Okoshi, K.; Padovani, C.R.; 6300
CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha (CEBPA) gene haploinsufficiency does not alter hematopoiesis or induce leukemia in Lck-CALM/AF10 transgenic mice. Lange, A.P.; Almeida, L.Y.; Silva, C.L. Araujo; Scheucher, P.S.; Chahud, F.; Krause, A.; Bohlander, 3192
Downregulation of lncRNA CCDC26 contributes to imatinib resistance in human gastrointestinal stromal tumors through IGF-1R upregulation. Yan, Jingyi; Chen, Didi; Chen, Xiaolei; Sun, Xuecheng; Dong, Qiantong; Hu, Changyuan; Zhou, Feng; Ch 3976
Effect of intraoperative lung-protective mechanical ventilation on pulmonary oxygenation function and postoperative pulmonary complications after laparoscopic radical gastrectomy. Liu, Jing; Meng, Zhipeng; Iv, Ran; Zhang, Yaping; Wang, Gaojian; Xie, Junran 5657
Evaluation of the effects of Uncaria rhynchophylla alkaloid extract on LPS-induced preeclampsia symptoms and inflammation in a pregnant rat model. Wu, Liang-Zhi; Xiao, Xiao-Min 5312
Expression of myo-inositol cotransporters in the sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglia in experimental diabetes. Farias, V.X.; Uchoa, P.N.; Aquino, C.P.; Britto, L.R.G.; Fonteles, M.C.; Leal-Cardoso, J.H.; Silva-A 5928
Linderae radix ethanol extract attenuates alcoholic liver injury via attenuating inflammation and regulating gut microbiota in rats. Lou, Zhaohuan; Wang, Junwei; Chen, Yingjun; Xu, Chandi; Chen, Xinyi; Shao, Tiejuan; Zhang, Kena; Pan 6808
Moderate-intensity exercise allows enhanced protection against oxidative stress-induced cardiac dysfunction in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Mi, Chunjuan; Qin, Xinghua; Hou, Zuoxu; Gao, Feng 3941
Pancreatic [beta]-cell function is inhibited by miR-3666 in type 2 diabetes mellitus by targeting adiponectin. Tan, J.; Tong, A.; Xu, Y. 3851
Transcriptional profiling of uterine leiomyoma rats treated by a traditional herb pair, Curcumae rhizoma and Sparganii rhizoma. Yu, Cheng Hao; Zhao, Jin Shuang; Zhao, Hui; Peng, Teng; Shen, Dong Cheng; Xu, Qiu Xia; Li, Yao; Webb 6140

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