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Articles from Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (November 1, 2015)

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Biological significance of miR-126 expression in atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Wei, X.J.; Han, M.; Yang, F.Y.; Wei, G.C.; Liang, Z.G.; Yao, H.; Ji, C.W.; Xie, R.S.; Gong, C.L.; Ti Report 5159
Cocos nucifera (L.) (Arecaceae): A phytochemical and pharmacological review. Lima, E.B.C.; Sousa, C.N.S.; Meneses, L.N.; Ximenes, N.C.; Santos, M.A., Jr.; Vasconcelos, G.S.; Lim Report 8686
Development and applications of the SWAN rating scale for assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a literature review. Brites, C.; Salgado-Azoni, C.A.; Ferreira, T.L.; Lima, R.F.; Ciasca, S.M. Report 5427
Effect of estradiol and bisphenol A on human hepatoblastoma cell viability and telomerase activity. Xu, B.L.; Zhao, Q.Z.; Gao, X.Y.; Hou, G.J. Report 3797
Energy system contribution in a maximal incremental test: correlations with pacing and overall performance in a 10-km running trial. Damasceno, M.V.; Pasqua, L.A.; Lima-Silva, A.E.; Bertuzzi, R. Report 5431
Hyaluronidases and hyaluronan synthases expression is inversely correlated with malignancy in lung/bronchial pre-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions, affecting prognosis. de Sa, V.K.; Rocha, T.P.; Moreira, A.L.; Soares, F.A.; Takagaki, T.; Carvalho, L.; Nicholson, A.G.; Report 5070
Influence of transcutaneous electrical stimulation on heterotopic ossification: an experimental study in Wistar rats. Zotz, T.G.G.; de Paula, J.B. Report 4876
Intensity of swimming exercise influences aortic reactivity in rats. Brito, A.F.; Silva, A.S.; Souza, I.L.L.; Pereira, J.C.; da Silva, B.A. Report 4662
Long-term efficacy of a rural community-based integrated intervention for prevention and management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a cluster randomized controlled trial in China's rural areas. Yuan, X.; Tao, Y.; Zhao, J.P.; Liu, X.S.; Xiong, W.N.; Xie, J.G.; Ni, W.; Xu, Y.J.; Liu, H.G. Report 5830
MFG-E8, a clearance glycoprotein of apoptotic cells, as a new marker of disease severity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Zhang, S.; Xie, J.G.; Su, B.T.; Li, J.L.; Hu, N.; Chen, J.; Luo, G.W.; Cui, T.P. Report 3977
Overexpression of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi recA gene confers fluoroquinolone resistance in Escherichia coli DH5[alpha]. Yassien, M.A.M.; Elfaky, M.A. Report 3988
Specific alterations in plasma proteins during depressed, manic, and euthymic states of bipolar disorder. Song, Y.R.; Wu, B.; Yang, Y.T.; Chen, J.; Zhang, L.J.; Zhang, Z.W.; Shi, H.Y.; Huang, C.L.; Pan, J.X Report 6854
Time-course effects of aerobic exercise training on cardiovascular and renal parameters in 2K1C renovascular hypertensive rats. Maia, R.C.A.; Sousa, L.E.; Santos, R.A.S.; Silva, M.E.; Lima, W.G.; Campagnole- Santos, M.J.; Alzamo Report 7065

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