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Brazil Child Sex Trade Raises Alarm As World Cup Nears.

Global sporting events attract tourists, prostitution and the child sex trade. The challenges are compounded for the World cup in Brazil. Brazil has enjoyed high economic growth in the past years, but its law enforcement system and social policy are less equipped to address child prostitution. "Brazilian society is often accused of sexualising children," writes Wyre Davies for the BBC News. "The Novina phenomenon, where internet videos and songs portray young girls as attainable, sexual objects, is strong in this region." Children growing up in poverty can be enticed by wealthy foreigners, and authorities often then blame the child victims for the cirme. Swimmer Joana Maranhao, who represented Brazil in the Olympics, has retired from the sport to call attention to the problem. - YaleGlobal

Former Olympian athlete calls attention to child prostitution and sex crimes before the 2014 World Cup

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BBC News, 5 June 2014

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Date:Jun 5, 2014
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