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Brazil : Signed contracts for new 4,919 km of transmission lines.

The concession contracts related to Transmission Auction No. 2/2017, which traded 11 lots with projects located in the states of Bahia, Cear and Minas Gerais, were signed (8/3) at ANEEL's headquarters in Brasilia, , Par, Paraba, Paran, Pernambuco, Piau, Rio Grande do Norte and Tocantins. The lots represent R $ 8.7 billion of investments in transmission.

The event was attended by representatives of the winners of the event and by the Agency, the general director Romeu Donizete Rufino, the director-rapporteur of the auction Andr Pepitone da Nobrega; the superintendent and the Deputy Superintendent of Transmission and Distribution Concessions and Authorizations, Ivo Sechi Nazareno and Renato Braga de Lima Guedes; the president and vice-president of the ANEEL Special Tender Committee, Romrio Batista and Andr Tiburtino; the Attorney General Marcelo Escalante Gonalves; the Superintendent of Technical Information Management Victor Hugo da Silva Rosa; and the deputy superintendents of Inspection of the Electricity and Communication Services and Institutional Relations, Gicomo Francisco Bassi Almeida and Paulo Csar Montenegro de vila e Silva.

At the opening of the meeting, the CEO thanked the entrepreneurs for their confidence in the auction and highlighted the importance of the event for the electric sector. Rufino listed the improvements made by ANEEL in the bidding documents, including clarifying the risk matrix, establishing more realistic deadlines, monitoring contracts and incentives to anticipate the start-up of the new facilities.

Director Andr Pepitone highlighted the security, credibility, predictability and stability of rules reached by the regulator as factors that contributed to the results of the auction. "These are great numbers: 4,919 kilometers of transmission lines, R $ 8.7 billion in investments and the generation of about 18,000 direct jobs - which is a source of satisfaction for the Agency and for Brazilian society," said the director.

As a novelty, for the first time the contracts were signed electronically, according to the parameters of the regulating agency's modernization campaign, "Paperless ANEEL". Following the signing of the contracts, Ivo Sechi Nazareno gave a presentation of the procedures that are part of the management of the concession contracts.

The transmission auction n 2/2017 negotiated 11 lots with projects located in the following states: Bahia, Cear, Minas Gerais, Par, Paraba, Paran, Pernambuco, Piau, Rio Grande do Norte and Tocantins. The 11 lots offered were sold, representing R $ 8.7 billion in transmission investments.

The average discount was 40.46%, which means that the income of the entrepreneurs to exploit the investments will be lower than initially expected, which contributes to a low energy tariff. The largest negative goodwill was recorded in lot 5, 53.94%.

The winning companies will be entitled to receive the Annual Revenue Allowed to provide the service from the commercial operation of the ventures. The term of the works varies from 36 to 60 months and the concessions of 30 years are valid from the signing of the contracts.

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Date:Mar 10, 2018
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