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The BRAVO range of DEA measuring robots is based on the original concept of solving production problems by bringing the inspection process as close as possible to the point of manufacture. This integrated measuring process provides a "Real Time" inspection result and negates problems associated with delay in data feed back to production.

BRAVOs are available in two distinct types, the series AA and 11 and the larger 21, 22, 32, 42 and 43. All are fast, modular in construction and designed for high efficiency operation in hostile environments.

The series AA and 11 comprise a fabricated base construction with two opposed measuring robot arms. These have working strokes from 915 mm to 3250 mm in X, 310 mm to 1250 mm in Y and 310 mm to 650 mm in Z, according to the machine specified. Between the robots, automate conveyors or flow lines can be passed to provide a rapid in-line, cell or stand-alone dimensional inspection facility for small and medium sized parts such as castings, forgings, formed or machined components.

Axis traverse speeds are 20"/se and an accuracy of 7+6L/1000 cna be attained.

The larger BRAVO 21,22,32,42 and 43 series comprise a large welded steel vertical gantry upon which rides a three axis horizontal measuring arm. The advantage of BRAVO IS that large working strokes from 1830 mm to 5980 mm in X, by 650 mm to 2880 mm in Y and from 970 mm to 1980 mm in Z, can be accommodated and they can be integrated within the production line around an automated part loading system.

When components or assemblies such as large moldings, vehicle panels, bodies or air frames, which previously required large and expensive dedicated gauges, the large BRAVOs can be sited in pairs forming integrated, multi-arm inspection cell configurations either side of the production line.

Volumetric accuracy according to CMMA specifications are to the order of 15+15 L/1000.
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Title Annotation:Digital Electronic Automation Inc. measuring robots
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Sep 1, 1992
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