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Brave New World research study garners industry support.

A group of industry organisations have signed up for involvement in a 'Brave New World' research study organised by Kudos.

The project will provide publishers, societies and providers of related services with vital insights to shape strategies using desk research, interviews and surveys to reveal the implications of Covid-19 for research funding policy, university budgets and practices, and researchers' workload and workflows.

The project's newest headline sponsors are Cactus Communications, Wiley and STM, who join the Royal Society of Chemistry and Kudos in steering the project's scope and direction. Other research partners include the American Chemical Society, American Society for Microbiology and the BMJ.

Dina Mukherjee, marketing director at Cactus Communications, said: 'For some years we have been expanding our scope of services and products for researchers. As part of this initiative, we introduced ecosystem of tools, solutions and support that aims to not only enable the researcher with intuitive technology for greater speed in research and publication, but also equip them with their learning and development requirements for improved performance in academia. Brave New World is a timely project that will complement our own market intelligence, and capture how the market is shifting.'

Shari Hofer, SVP of marketing at Wiley, explained: 'Wiley has a 360[degrees] role in the information sector, supporting researchers as well as societies and professionals. We understand how these stakeholders are impacted by environmental drivers, such as changes in funders' priorities, policies and processes, and the Brave New World study is one of many sources of insight we will use to shape our publishing services and support for the research community.'

Matt McKay, director of communication at STM, said: 'Our role in supporting the academic publishing sector means we always need to be up to speed with the latest issues. This need is acute in the case of Covid-19, which potentially represents the biggest disruption to our sector for a generation. Brave New World is well timed to provide us with critical insights into how the pandemic will affect research funding and dissemination, and how publishers need to respond.'

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Publication:Research Information
Date:Feb 1, 2021
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