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Brave New Universe: Illuminating the Darkest Secrets of the Cosmos.

BRAVE NEW UNIVERSE: Illuminating the Darkest Secrets of the Cosmos PAUL HALPERN AND PAUL WESSON

As technologies for exploring space become increasingly sophisticated, answers to the deepest questions about the nature of the universe lie tantalizingly close. Scientists have presented a new picture of the infant universe that takes into account the mysterious stuff called dark matter. That's the invisible entity that astronomers believe makes up much of the universe. Halpern and Wesson, both professors of physics, detail the research into the mystery matter in its cold and hot forms as well as into the other big questions that challenge cosmologists today. They ponder why we haven't yet found intelligent alien life forms, and detail hypotheses about the shape of the universe. Joseph Henry Press, 2006, 264 p., b&w plates, hardcover, $27.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 9, 2006
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