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Brau und Brunnen debuts Dortmunder Original in America.

After successful test-marketing in the U.S., Italy, France, and England, Brau und Brunnen U.S.A. - recently announced the formal launch of Dortmunder Union Original beer to markets in Great Britain and America. The announcement was made at a brewery-sponsored gathering in Heidelberg, Germany.

As event-goers became acquainted with the new beer, which will be touted as "the international brand," they were also treated to a visit of Eurobiere in Strasbourg, an industry trade and exposition show, as well as a tour of the Heidelberg brewery, which produces Valentine Weizenbier.

According to a Brau und Brunnen spokesperson, the new brand will be introduced to more countries later this year.

According to Brau und Brunnen's U.S. representative Gunter Graefenhain, the two years of market research helped the company develop "a new uniform, world-class, high-quality image for the brands.

Dortmunder Union Original and Dark are available with new gold labels, new bottles and an "open" six-pack carrier. The packaging, Graefenhain said "radiates success in gold, and clearly reflects the premium quality of the product."
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Title Annotation:Brau und Brunnen U.S.A. announces launching of Dortmunder Union Original beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 22, 1991
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