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Brassed off at the sorry state of iconic Leeds.

Byline: BRIAN READE At the heart of football

YORKSHIRE has plenty of brass - and not just because the residents like to hoard it.

Leeds is the country's biggest financial centre outside London and there are lots of successful Tykes who'd never leave God's Own Country.

Yorkshire loves sport, too. Think of all those golden Olympians from 2012, its cricketers and rugby league teams.

So, can someone tell me how, on God's Own Earth, one of this country's most iconic football clubs, Leeds United, has been allowed to sink so low that a convicted Italian tax dodger calls them a "s*** team" and says, unless he takes them over, they'll go bust? Surely there are enough proud Tykes with brass out there to save The Damned United?


HAND OFF Italy's Massimo Cellino still wants to buy Leeds
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Title Annotation:Sport; Opinion Columns
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Apr 3, 2014
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