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Brass valve. (New Products).

Series 40 valve features a design that employs an all-plastic bobbin core as the sleeve. Series with an optional forged brass, no-leak body has applications in laboratory equipment and media analysis devices. Valve group is available as a 2-way normally closed, and 3-way normally closed, exhaust to atmosphere, and piped exhaust. Valve may be used with air, inert gas and liquid media, from vacuum to 300 psi, depending on orifice size and configuration. Operating temperature is 0[degrees]F to 104[degrees]F ambient, and comes with standard 24-inch lead wire. Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc., Box 1180, New Britain, CT 06050. (860-229-4884)

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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Article Type:Product/Service Evaluation
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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