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Brandevor reports strong specialty brand sales.

Brandevor Enterprises reports that sales of specialty beer totaled 21,004 cases in January, up 80% from last year. The company says that it has made "significant progress" in developing its contract beer sector.

The company says it has commenced production and shipment of T-town Red for T. Paul's Brewing Co. Initial January production was more than 1,400 cases.

The company has also started brewing Hog's Breath lager for the Providence Brewing Co. of Rhode Island, with first bottlIng projected for late February.

Brandevor says it has also completed an agreement with Maryland-based Oxford Brewing Co. for immediate bottling of Oxford's Raspberry Wheat Ale. It said the brand, which has previously been sold in selected East Coast markets on draught, will be launched around April 1. Brandevor has guaranteed that capacity up to 90,000 cases will be available for Oxford production. In addition, Brandevor has commenced brewing Red Lady Ale, from the Crested Butte Brewing Co. It will aim begin brewing two other Crested Butte brands, Whit Buffalo and Rodeo Stout. Finally, Dubuque will produce another of Buffalo Bill Owens brands, Alimony Ale.
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Title Annotation:Brandevor Enterprises
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Feb 20, 1995
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