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Branded Ann, Merry Shannon.

Branded Ann, Merry Shannon (Bold Strokes Books): Treasures abound in this rollicking, high-seas adventure. Lesbian protagonists are not usually featured in pirate exploits, so this extremely well-told novel is a treat not soon to be forgotten. With nonstop action and delicious sexual tension, Captain Branded Ann and her fellow pirates take their readers on an unpredictable journey. Aboard the Ice Queen, the Captain's only focus is acquiring more bounty and seeking revenge until she kills merchant Isaac Watts and is saddled with his young wife, Violet. Mot knowing what to do with Violet is the least of Ann's concerns as danger awaits her crew around every turn. The novel climaxes in more ways than one when the pirates seek the ultimate booty and end up in the Devil's Triangle fighting for their very lives. ( Isserman

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Date:Oct 1, 2008
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