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Brand building the Xcellent way: win-win for buyers and suppliers. (Mark Of `Xcellence').

What makes Empress International's Xcellent brand of shrimp really excellent? Restaurateurs and food-service operators will tell you that it's the predictability evidenced by a combination of consistency in flavor and texture, uniformity in size, weight and color, plus guaranteed count accuracy. Knowing in advance how many shrimp will be received and what the yield will be makes food costs more predictable for menu makers. That spells higher profits dropping straight to the bottom line for the operator!

All shrimp are not created equal, which is why Empress employs a relentless quality control system that starts at the pond or dock and does not end until finished product is safely delivered into the hands of customers. Shrimp branded under the the Xcellent pedigree are sourced globally from both farms and vessels, with the highly efficient South American aquaculture sector providing much of the volume. In fact, Empress is the number one U.S. importer of white shrimp from Latin America.

The harvesting of farm-raised shrimp takes place at night to protect the crop from direct sunlight and high daytime temperatures. Careful removal from ponds is done either with hand-held nets or by impeller pumps. This assures less manipulation to the delicate shrimp. Freezing occurs within hours of harvest to maintain the raw materials maximum flavor and freshness.

Empress offers a win-win proposition to both suppliers and buyers of premium quality Xcellent shrimp. Shrimp farmers and processors that contract with the company are guaranteed an outlet for their entire crop through well established global distribution channels. As for buyers, they can plan future promotions knowing that supplies are available 365 days a year thanks to a reliable shrimp pipeline that taps into production centers spanning the planet from Latin America and Asia to the Middle East, South Africa, Madagascar, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

The Xcellent line of white, pink, brown and black tiger shrimp is distributed both in block and IQF form in various pack sizes. Specifications run the gamut from raw whole shrimp (head-on and shell-on) to raw peeled and deveined tail-on shrimp, to cooked shrimp.

In recent years Empress has geared up promotion of whole (head-on) shrimp in North America. Until the campaign began, whole shrimp was a relatively uncommon site in mainstream seafood restaurants in the United States that don't cater to ethnic Asian or Hispanic clientele.

Increasingly today, leading chefs around the country are serving whole shrimp dishes made from innovative recipes. The tasty results bring smiles to restaurant owners as well as patrons. That's because whole shrimp taste better and are more profitable per plate when compared to the use of headless shrimp. Furthermore, they offer greater plate coverage and can be flexibly served as either appetizers or entrees.

Xcellent whole shrimp are available in a full range of sizes, from 10-20 to 120-150 count per kilo.
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