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Branching out (United Empire Loyalist branch activities).

[Please note that Loyalists' Day activities -- 19 JUNE 1998 -- are listed separately after the regular Branch news.]

Bicentennial Branch

Princess Alice Meets Queen Victoria

Each year on the Victoria Day weekend, the town of Kingsville, Ontario, hosts a Victoria Days Festival. Festivities include rides, crafts, a town crier contest, costumed participants, music, pipers and a parade. The highlight of the parade is the arrival of Queen Victoria in a horse drawn carriage. The Bicentennial Branch of the United Empire Loyalist Association sets up a booth in order to promote the organization and maintain a presence in the community. This year's festival was particularly rewarding as the Branch President, Margie Luffman, UE, met Queen Victoria herself. This is especially relevant as Margie's beloved dachshund, whose name is "Loyalist", was given the birth name Princess Alice after one of Queen Victoria's children. In fact, the name theme of the entire litter was for Queen Victoria's children. Loyalist had 2 sisters: Princess Louise and Princess Victoria, and a brother, Prince Edward.

Other Activities

On Saturday September 19, 1998, the Bicentennial Branch of the UELAC held a special lunch meeting. Approximately 90 guests attended; this included 13 members of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) organization in the United States. Prominent among these guests were Mr. Don Pennell, the SAR Ambassador for the National Society, and Mr. Dave Pruitt, the Vice President of the Detroit Chapter who brought greetings to our Branch. Myrna Fox, UE, the Past Dominion Membership Chairperson, was the guest speaker. Along with her sister, Betty Roelofson, UE, she made a fascination presentation about her Loyalist ancestors and a trip that she and her sister made to explore sites, homes and buildings that were relevant in the lives of those ancestors.

A very special UE certificate presentation was made to Althea (Peggy) Levy at this meeting. Peggy's quest to prove her Loyalist ancestry has been a very long, sometimes frustrating process. She had been able to put together all the proofs except for one single elusive piece of evidence that would tie together all the generations. Fortunately, our recently appointed genealogical committee, recently found that last corroborating documentation. Members of Peggy's family were present to see her proudly receive her certificate. It was an emotional moment for many.

Submitted by Margie Luffman, UE, President, Bicentennial Branch

Chilliwack Branch

Chilliwack Branch was thrilled to have a full complement of delegates attend the Convention in Kingston. Our representatives President Shirley Dargatz, UE, Past President Lois Dickinson, UE, Director Mary Van Horne, UE, Bircham Van Home, UE, Audrey Maclean, UE, and her husband Dr. Bruce Maclean participated in many of theactivities. The time in Kingston was very enjoyable with a special Day of History and many new contacts and friendships.

During the year sixteen UE certificates were presented in special ceremonies. Congratulations are extended to new regular members (as follows, with Loyalist ancestors' names in parenthesis) Jacqueline Kennedy, UE (William Urquhart), Neil McGlynn, UE (Benjamin Worth), Arthur Keller, UE, (Eberhart Wagar) his second certificate, Mabel Wilson, UE (Nicholas Mattice), Patricia McKay, UE (John Cougle), Blanche Wagar Storey, UE (Eberhart Wagar), Steven Robert Wagar, UE, Dianna Wagar Bonner, UE, Daniella Elisabeth Barkley, UE, Dylan Leagh Barkley, UE, Matthew William Barkley, UE, Carly Elizabeth Barkley, UE (Findley Murdock) Christopher Hay, UE (John Cougle), Stephen Hay, UE, Jennifer Hay, UE, and Kevin Hay, UE.

We are gratified to note the growth of family interest in the above list. Blanche Storey, the sister of Bill Wagar, UE, Bill's children Steven and Diana, Chris Hay, UE and his children Stephen, Jennifer & Kevin; Matthew and Carly Barkley, children of Rae Barkley, UE, and Daniella and Leagh Barkley children of Michael Barkley, UE visiting from their home in Holland. Alisen Barkley, UE now has eleven members of her family -- children and grandchildren as UEs recognizing Gov. Carleton's decree "to those Loyalists and their descendants".

Our thanks are extended to Peter and Angela Johnson for all their help during their five years as Dominion Genealogists and to Branch Genealogist Mildred Hall, UE.

Heritage Week was exciting with Joanna Wong of Vancouver as guest speaker. In 1997, Joanna, then a grade eleven student won top prize from the Canadian Unity Council for her essay on "What Canada Means to Her". She highlighted her dual heritage -- early Chinese in B.C. and UEL (Hiltz, Moore). Her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Wong, and other family members attended.

Other meetings have featured the Irish Loyalists, the Hartland area of N.B. with the theme "A Bridge to Heritage", and our much appreciated annual Strawberry Social at the home of Ken and Shirley Dargatz.

After Kingston, the Van Hornes were privileged to attend June 19 Loyalist celebrations at Upper Canada Village. Shirley and Lois were present at Queen's Park for the Proclamation there... and now it's on to Edmonton.

Submitted by Lois Dickinson

Edmonton Branch

Edmonton Branch now has 50 members -- 25 Regular, 25 Associate. Most of the Associates are working hard to complete their documentation. The position of secretary-treasurer was divided this past year. Ivy Trumpour, UE, is our new secretary, and treasurer Wilma McKinnon will continue until next November.

"Never Kill a Spider" was the title of an interesting and informative talk about Maritime Loyalist Research, given by Rev. Velma Kane, for the February meeting. The title story referred to a fleeing Loyalist family saved from detection by the presence of a spider web which led searchers to believe the hiding place was not newly inhabited.

The May Founders' Dinner was held at the Old Timer's Pioneer Cabin -- proposed site for the 1999 Conference Friday Barbecue. The speaker was "still with it", 98 year old Charles Denney, reminiscing about early Edmonton and also the history of his first wife's Loyalist Springer family. Mr. Denney researched the families of the Hudson Bay Company and Red River Settlers. His "Denney Papers" can be viewed and used at the Edmonton Branch of the Alberta Genealogical Society Library. A reason to come early for the '99 Conference!

Four members of the Edmonton Branch attended and thoroughly enjoyed the Kingston Conference: Edmonton President Lois Cummings, UE, Calvin Chisholm, UE and his wife Vera, and Fran Losie, UE. An exciting moment was when National President Bernice Flett presented Calvin with his UE Certificate at the Aldolphustown Ferry celebration. Bernice and Calvin share Van Koughnet connections.

At the September 14, 1998 meeting, Greg Vasey, UE will receive four more certificates (he received the first one last September) for ancestors William Rogers Jr., John Williams Sr, John Wees Sr., and Malachi Church. At a later meeting, Fran Losie will receive three certificates for her ancestors John Dusenbury Sr., James Cotter and Jacob Hess.

Edmonton Branch members are looking forward to meeting delegates from across Canada, when they host the 1999 Conference.

Submitted by Fran Losie, UE

Grand River Branch

The Branch visited Fieldcote Museum, Ancaster where Betty and Harold Lampman, UE, talked about Loyalist Settlers in Ancaster. One very special event was the celebration "Founding Families" at the Backus Conservation Area. The Branch presented our book Loyalist Families of Members of The Grand River Branch for their library.

The 25th anniversary of the Branch was a splendid celebration in the chapel of the new Luther Village on the Park in Waterloo. It was chaired by Vice-President Marilyn Branch, with decorations by Dora Mae Blayney and Fred Blayney. Pianist Joyce MacTavish, at the piano presented to Luther Village by the Blayneys, played for the colour parade as the Past Presidents and special guests entered. She then played for singing the Royal and National Anthems. President Bill Terry introduced the Past Presidents who were honoured. Eleanor Chapin, genealogist, presented the history of the Branch. Dr. Kenneth McLaughlin, history professor at the University of Waterloo spoke on `The Causes of The American Revolution'. He commented on Professor Jack Granatstein's book Who Killed Canadian History? and the Canadian history backgrounds of the students he encounters in his courses. The anniversary cake was served to a large number of members and potential members to whom invitations had been sent. Opportunity was provided for guests to view the Branch display.

Grand River Branch was asked to support the `Unveiling of Historic Monument to Adam Young' on Regional Road 54, between the towns of York and Cayuga in Haldimand County on September 12. This was a special day for Canadians in general, and descendants of United Empire Loyalists, in particular. A large granite and bronze monument was unveiled in honour of one of the first white families to settle along the Grand River. Bill Terry, Branch President, provided advice and a number of members, some in costume, attended the ceremony and reception in the Kinsmen's Hall in Cayuga.

Adam Young, having had his land and possessions confiscated, was granted land in Upper Canada. He and his sons, John Daniel and Henry, fought in Butler's Rangers. Following Adam and his family's imprisonment for loyalty to the Crown, and forassisting many Loyalists to escape to Canada, they too left New York State. After discharge from Butler's Rangers, Adam farmed at Niagara and then joined his sons and their families along the Grand River.

The Branch will attend Norfolklore '98 Genealogy Fair,Norfolk Historical Society's annual event on 26 September. As part of our outreach, the Society's Board was approached and asked to name the early Upper Canada collection "Loyalist Library". The Board agreed and the flag and a sign "Loyalist Library" were placed at the entrance to the archives. Each year Norfolklore's brochure is sent to the Ontario Genealogical Society's vast membership. It includes the words: "Loyalist Library, supported by the Grand River Branch UEL. Hundreds of books on early Ontario Upper Canada Land Petitions, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia resources. New in 1998: Muster Rolls for Loyalist Regiments. [Presented by Grand River Branch as part of its outreach program.]

Doris Lemon, UE Education/Outreach

[Here's an email, from Ed Scott.]

Yesterday (Sunday, 20 September) The Grand River Branch celebrated their 25th Anniversary, with President Bill Terry acting as master of ceremonies Many of the past presidents of the Branch were in attendance including the first President of the Branch, Dr. Vera Vanderlip, who is also a past Dominion President.

The speaker was Dr. Kenneth McLaughlin, Professor of History, University of Waterloo, who gave some very interesting thoughts on "The Causes of the American Revolution". Other branches represented included London and Western Ontario, Col. John Butler, and Hamilton. A reception followed.

Hamilton Branch

A short review of a very busy year in Hamilton. In February of 1998, Dr. Catherine Tanser became President of Hamilton Branch. Past President, Gloria Oakes has done a fantastic job of reviving the energy of the Branch and continues to do so as Membership chairman and Editor of the newsletter.

Guest speakers during the year included: Neville Nunes, Estelle Pringle, Christine Nisan, Murray Aikman and Robt. Williamson. Following a lovely Christmas luncheon in the new Coachhouse restaurant at Dundurn Castle, a short history and tour of the museum was led by the curator, Bill Nesbit. Each year the Branch display is taken to the Waterdown-East Flamborough Heritage Society Book Fayre in November and to the Burlington Museums Board Strawberry Social, July 1, at Joseph Brant Museum.

Many members of the Branch celebrated Loyalists' Day at Queen's Park on June 18th and again the following day in Hamilton. The Hamilton ceremony, which was a joint effort of Hamilton Branch and the office of Hamilton Mayo Robert Morrow, UE is described in the Loyalists' Day, June 19, section.

The month of June ended with a picnic at the Shaver Homestead in Ancaster. A pleasant afternoon was had by all, thanks to the graciousness of Shaver descendent Shirley Cranston and her husband Jack. They have done a remarkable job of restoring and maintaining the home of William Shaver, son of John Shaver, UE.

Heritage Branch

Heritage Branch held its Annual General Meeting at The Church of St. Columba in Montreal on Tuesday, April 28. Following the business session, those present enjoyed a superb talk and slide show. The speaker was Betty Le Maistre, president of the Montreal Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society of Canada, as well as an active member of the Gaspe Channel Islands Society. Her presentation dealt with the historic links between the Channel Islands and the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. From the late 18th century, men such as Charles Robin came from Jersey to Gaspe to settle and develop the fishing and fish processing industry which survives to the present day. Fluent in English, French and the old Norman French (still spoken in the Channel Islands), these pioneers made a lasting contribution to the life of the region. They had contacts (at first sometimes difficult, but later far more cordial) with the United Empire Loyalists, who began arriving on the Gaspe coast following the American Revolution.

The slides of the countryside and historic sites of both Jersey and the Gaspe were delightful. Betty Le Maistre described in detail the history and attractions of both areas, and also recounted anecdotes of some of the characters she knew growing up on the Peninsula. She further distributed brochures on the British Heritage Centre at New Richmond, Quebec, which celebrates the heritage of both the Channel Islands and Loyalist Gaspesians -- definitely a "must see" for Loyalist descendants on any tour of the Gaspe.

On the first weekend in May, the Branch received Myrna Fox, UE, chair of the Association's Membership Committee. Myrna was on a tour of the three Quebec branches and was warmly received by all of them. In Montreal, she visited the Quebec Family History Society's library in Pointe-Claire, where Heritage Branch has its Loyalist Section. She met with the Branch Executive to discuss ways and means of promoting membership and seemed impressed by the many methods of "networking" practiced by the Branch over the years. She presented the Membership Guidelines Handbook (largely her own work) and explained its use, as well as new pamphlets prepared by Headquarters to assist with recruitment of new members. Myrna's visit concluded with a guided tour of Old Montreal, conducted by Branch President Robert Wilkins, and a dinner party with all members of the Branch Executive at the Wilkins' home. The banquet provided by Maura Wilkins was a culinary triumph (as always). Mrs. Fox was presented with a copy of "The Loyalists of Quebec 17741825, A Forgotten History" and a souvenir plate depicting some of the sights visited on her tour of Old Montreal.

The Branch was well represented at the Annual Conference of the Association, held at Queen's University, Kingston, from June 11 to 14. Members attending included Judith Beliaeff, Paul and Ruby Bonnell, Marianne and Ruth Davis, Sylvia Fairlie, David and Sandra Hannaford, May King, Doug Page, Okill Stuart, Robert and Maura Wilkins. The bus tour of the Loyalist Parkway was a highlight of the Conference. Okill Stuart, as Immediate Past President of the Association, welcomed all to the Saturday evening banquet. On Sunday, June 14, he read a lesson at the service at St. George's Anglican Cathedral, founded by his ancestor, Reverend John Stuart, UEL. At the evensong service in the Church of St. Alban the Martyr in Adolphustown, Okill delivered a fascinating and much-appreciated homily. The large congregation virtually filled the small church, and they listened attentively to his detailed review of the life and career of Reverend Stuart who, as Bishop of Kingston, was a prime mover in the establishment of the Church inLoyalist times.

During that same weekend, Heritage Branch members Adrian Willison and Elizabeth Abbott attended a Brunch hosted by the Royal Commonwealth Society, held in the gracious and historic Mount Stephen Club in Montreal. On July 26, several of our members went to the annual service at the "Little White Church" in Russeltown Flatts situated in the Chateauguay Valley, Quebec. The Rector, Reverend Malcolm Cogswell of Lachute United Church, is of Loyalist ancestry. Lyman Roberts, one of our members, is on the building and maintenance committee of this beautiful and well-kept old church, which was built in 1826.

On Sunday, August 2, the Branch once again shared a booth with Laurentian Branch of the Heraldry Society of Canada, at the Montreal Highland Games in Verdun, Quebec.

The Twenty-fifth Charter Night Dinner of Heritage Branch will be held in Montreal in late October.

The The Loyalists of Quebec 1774-1825, A Forgotten History continues to be sold to interested individuals and institutions and donated to libraries, in an effort to make the local Loyalists better known and recognized.

Submitted by Adrian Willison, 41 Denon Rd., Beaurepaire, QC H9W 4K7.

Kingston Branch

Plowing into Loyalists, 15-19 September 1998

Some members of our Branch participated in a Loyalist display booth, with the `Heritage Tent', at the five-day International Plowing Match, held near Sunbury (north of Kingston). President, Carol Davy, organized the basic timetable and Philip Smart acted as nerve-centre in her absence.

We appreciated the many volunteers who gave their time to man the booth. Notable viewers of the booth included: Peter Johnson, Bruce Talbot, Sharon DeLine, Harry Danford of the provincial legislature.

I believe next year's Match is to be held near North Bay, followed by Guelph the year after. Each area has diverse heritage as noted with our `Loyalist Booth' and `Prison Booth'.

Submitted by Philip Smart, P.O.Box 309, Odessa, ON K0H 2H0.

Little Forks Branch

Bev Loomis, UE is delighted to report that a Young Loyalist won the Grand Prize for the under 13 years category in the Create a Townships `Centsation' Coin Design Contest. The winner was Melissa Suitor, 11, from Compton. Her winning entry featured a Loyalist soldier, and the all entries were judged by a panel representing the Eastern Townships Research Centre, Bishop's University, the Townshipper's Association, and the Sherbrooke newspaper, The Record. Of course, Bev is also delighted because Melissa is one of her granddaughters!

New Brunswick Branch

This year the New Brunswick Branch was privileged to have the help of our Dominion President, Mrs. Bernice Flett, in celebrating Loyalists' Day. It began with a Sunday service at Trinity Church followed by lunch at the Reversing Falls Restaurant. The ceremonies in front of City Hall and Loyalist Rock included drills by DeLancey's Brigade, a reenactors' group, and members of the 3 Field Regiment, RCA (The Loyal Company), a representation of the swearing in of Gabriel Ludlow, Saint John's first mayor, raising of three flags: Saint John, New Brunswick and the Queen Anne Jack, speeches, placing of memorial flowers around the Loyalist Rock, inspection of the firing party of the 3 Field Regiment and firing of the 21-gun salute, in memory of the signing of the Royal Charter in 1785. The climax of the day was a reception hosted by Mayor Shirley McAlary, when prizes for Saint John schools' Loyalist essay and poster contests were presented by Bernice Flett and Mayor McAlary.

The annual banquet at the Union Club was held the next day when Bernice Flett convinced us of the value of the national association and of the work being done to further our aims. Other guests were Lieut. Governor Marilyn Trenholm Council, Dr. Blair Orser, president of the Fredericton Branch, and Dr. Elsie Wayne, MP, honorary member of the New Brunswick Branch.

Other activities during the year included a joint gathering of the New Brunswick and Fredericton branches, hosted by the Fredericton Branch, a reading from the National Geographic magazine about the Loyalists, by Mae Fawcett, Christmas pot luck dinner and auction, lectures on the Loyalists by Anne Baker and Mary Gillis, honorary vice-president of the Association, and a program about the St. Andrew's Society by Wally McMurray.

Five books were presented to the children's department of the Saint John Free Public Library. A bread sale was held in a downtown mall during the Loyalist Days Festival.

Submitted by Frances Morrisey, Secretary, 197 Germain Street, Apt. 6s, Saint John, NB E2L 2Gl.

St. Lawrence Branch

St. Lawrence Branch held its annual Genealogy Day at Morrisburg, Ontario on August 8, 1998. Over one hundred people from United States, Quebec and Ontario came to look at Loyalist records, local histories, family genealogies, family genealogical charts and transcripts of church records to search out their roots.

Helen Kenyon of Canton, New York came searching for the Merkleys. She has been working on her genealogy for four years. She has extensive documentation and colourful maps showing the emigration of her ancestors from the Palatine to the Mohawk Valleyand then to Dundas County in Eastern Ontario. Helen found her Merkleys near Morrisburg, Ontario. This Loyalist Family was also one of the founding families of Williamsburg, Ontario.

Lynne O'Brien Cook, the St. Lawrence Branch genealogist, was assisted by Allison and Marian Prosser, Sandra Shouldice, Mary Van Ryswyk and Keith Casselman.

Lynne is a charter member of St. Lawrence Branch. She has been the Branch genealogist since St. Lawrence Branch was formed in 1977. Lynne is probably the longest serving genealogist in the United Empire Loyalists' Association.

Submitted by George Anderson

Twentieth Anniversary for St. Lawrence Branch

Over a hundred Loyalists gathered at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Williamsburg for their Twentieth Annual Charter Night Banquet on Saturday, September 19.

Scrapbooks created by Branch Archivist, Keith Casselman and Honorary President, John Chard and photo albums created by Florence English and Marsha Shouldice helped members look back with pride on the accomplishments of the last twenty years.

Also on display from their archives in Morrisburg, was the original sign-in book from their first meeting held on October 16,1977. After a busy first year, President Melvin Scott organized a Charter Night Banquet to be held on September 16, 1978. Members who had received their Loyalist Certificate before this date are considered to be Charter Members. Nineteen Charter Members were honoured Saturday night. They are: Keith Casselman, Nina Casselman, John Chard, Lynne Cook, Mahlon Cook, Gerald Duval, John Eaman, Yvonne Feming, John Gordier, Violet Hare, George S. Hickey, Mildred Leitch, Beth Ann Merkley, Harod Merkley, Nelson McNairn, Stanley McNairn, Douglas Warner, Norman Warner and Iva Whittiker.

Special certificates were also presented to Stanley McNairn and Lynne Cook. Both were recognized as having made an outstanding contribution to the United Empire Loyalists' Association. Stanley served on the local and national executives, steadfastly promoting local and Loyalist history. Lynne Cook has served her branch as genealogist for twenty years assisting hundreds of applicants complete the paperwork necessary to affix the initials U.E. after their name. This, the only inherited tile in Canada, signifies that you are not only a descendent of a Loyalist but are likely to be an avid researcher into family and Canadian history.

Commenting on the photos taken at meetings held in communities throughout Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry, President Sandra Shouldice said, "Time and time again you see a relaxed and friendly gathering where the flag flies proudly in the background. Our membership has a deep love of country, an immense pride in their heritage and an amazing knowledge of their history."

"This depth of knowledge with regards to loyalist and local history was quite evident in our program this year as we shared in the 40th anniversary of the Seaway. At our first meeting in Hallville we saw a video on the relocation of Iroquois (available to members). Next during a ceremony celebrating Ontario's first ever United Empire Loyalist Day, members were able to place a wreath at the Loyalist Memorial at Upper Canada Villagecontaining Loyalist roses grown on a farm that had been in the same family from its original grant. At our annual picnic in Long Sault members Al Prosser, Cliff Hart and Peg Barkley told first hand about losing family homes to the flooding. I hope this sharing of knowledge will continue at our final meeting this year at. After church service at 9:15, we hope to have good attendance at our meeting 10:30 to 12:00, potluck lunch to follow. Those attending will be invited to "show and tell" about something that is part of family history or pertains to the loyalists of this area."

St. Lawrence Branch is particularly proud of the fact that the Ontario Government has designated June 19 as United Empire Loyalist Day and that they gave financial support to an Educational Resource Package prepared by the National Association. This resource package is available to schools who are now implementing the new Ontario Curriculum which has a Loyalist unit as an integral part of the program. Several members of the branch are proposing to visit classrooms to share their interest and enthusiasm for this important segment of Canada's history.

Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch

The Annual Meeting of the Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch of the UELAC was held at the Royal Canadian Legion building in Philipsburg, Que. This is an appropriate place to hold our meeting as it was at Philipsburg (Missisquoi Bay) that the first Loyalists defied the government and insisted on staying in Quebec. The meeting, which was held on June 6, 1998, was well attended and a roast-beef dinner was enjoyed by all. At the beginning of the meeting the President, Jean McCaw, called for a minute of silence to remember the following members who had passed away since our last meeting: Norman Stone, Joyce Bradford, Jared Tozer, Meda Fraser and Iola Stote. We were fortunate to have Mme Marie Paule La Breque as our guest speaker. She spoke on her research on literature which had been published on Quebec history in the French language and found very few references to Loyalists in these records.

The Annual Meeting began with the election of officers for 1998-99. Richard Eldridge and Brian Allen are representing the Branch, joining a group from the Richelieu Valley Historical Society who are in the process of arranging to place some suitable type of memorial stone at the site of the burial crypt of Sir John Johnson on Mt. St. Gregoire (once known as Mount Johnson). The man who was responsible for bulldozing and leveling the site of the family vault, where seven members of the Johnson family are buried, has become very remorseful about his part in this. He, M. Lasner, was Mayor of St. Gregoire at the time. The vault had been vandalized prior to this. The owner of the property, M. Meunier, wanted the land cleared in order to plant an orchard. The stone marker was found in the field and, in 1970, the Sir John Johnson Centennial Branch members retrieved this and placed it in the wall of the Missisquoi Museum. The present owners of the property, Mr. & Mrs. Fraser, are working with the committee and will approve of this being done on their property. We hope to see this terrible mistake in our history rectified sometime in the near future.

Jean McCaw, UE, P.O.Box 401, Sutton, QC JOE 2KO
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