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Brambles, CHEP launches Zero Waste World in NA.

CHEP, a Brambles company and leader in supply chain solutions, announced a new initiative called Zero Waste World. The program, being rolled out globally in the coming months, brings together retailers and manufacturers to create smarter and more sustainable supply chains. Through cross-sector collaboration, CHEP seeks to solve the dual challenge of growing consumer demand and global concern for the environment.

CHEP is initially working with its global customers such as Unilever and North America-based customers such as Walmart Canada and California Giant Berry Farms. CHEP looks to soon expand the initiative to multi-company coalitions and open innovation events in which supply chain experts can discuss sustainability topics ranging from reverse logistics to shared transportation solutions to data-driven approaches.

"Zero Waste World is a working collaboration of companies committed to three primary sustainability challenges, " said Laura Nador, president of CHEP North America. "Those areas are eliminating waste, eradicating empty transport miles and cutting out inefficiencies."

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Publication:Modern Materials Handling
Date:Jul 1, 2019
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