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Brain play.

Start at the beginning and see how far you can go, thinking of good answers from your own head.


Name something that is big.

Name something that is bigger.


What is your favorite food? Why do you like it?

Tell four different sounds a baby might make.

Which of these would fit into a basket? Tuba, sock, penny, volcano, tomato, ice cube.


Why do animals stretch?

Who is the oldest in your family? Who is the youngest? Will the order of your ages ever change?

Name four things you might find at a picnic.

Are you more likely to see a cardinal in winter or in summer? Why?

Name some things that really exist that you might read about in a fairy tale.

Do all plants need the same amount of sun and the same kind of soil to grow? How do you know?

Where might you see a tower?

Which things around you look like letters of the alphabet?

Which town's name sounds funniest to you? Which food name? Which animal name?

What makes you like a sport?

Why are the lights on the front of a car brighter than the lights on the back?

How can people take good care of their teeth? Why would they want to?


Pedro tapped his fingers on the table.

"Cool!" his sister said.

"Look what happens in my water glass when you do that!" What do you think happened? Why?

Name five ways in which a person can express himself or herself.

Where might it be distracting to hear a cell phone ring?

When something is challenging, what makes you decide whether to continue doing it or to stop?

List some things that are easy to observe. List some that are difficult.

Name as many jobs as you can that are involved in making a newspaper.


What does it mean to idolize someone or something?
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