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Evaluation of Patients Diagnosed with Brain Death in Paediatric Critical Care. Duyu, Muhterem; Karakaya, Zeynep Aug 1, 2020 4023
Brain Death Secondary to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Encephalitis. Rhodes, Steven D.; Teagarden, Alicia M.; Graner, Brian; Lutfi, Riad; John, Chandy C. May 31, 2020 2886
Report: Trump Displeased with Macron's Statements About NATO's 'Brain Death'. Dec 2, 2019 196
Elysee Palace: France to Summon Turkish Envoy After Erdogan Hinted at Macron's 'Brain Death'. Nov 30, 2019 205
Erdogan: Macron Should Check His Own 'Brain Death'. Nov 30, 2019 234
Macron maintains position on NATO "brain death". Nov 28, 2019 410
Russian Diplomat: Macron's Statement About NATO's 'Brain Death' Reflects Truth. Nov 8, 2019 394
Macron says Nato suffering 'brain death'. Reuters News Service Nov 7, 2019 349
The Role of Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Brain Death. Kasapoglu, Umut Sabri; Haliloglu, Murat; Bilgili, Beliz; Cinel, Ismail Oct 1, 2019 3677
"BRAIN DEATH", AUTONOMY AND THE FUTURE OF ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION/Muerte cerebral, autonomia y el futuro del trasplante de organos/"Morte cerebral", autonomia e o futuro do transplante de orgaos. Iftime, Oana Jun 1, 2019 5489
Demographic Characteristics of Brain Death Cases in Our Clinic and Causes of Family Refusal for Organ Donation/Klinigimizdeki Beyin Olumu Hastalarinin Demografik Ozellikleri ve Ailelerin Donor Ret Nedenleri. Boran, Omer Faruk; Oksuz, Hafize; Soylu, Dilek; Urfalioglu, Aykut; Bilal, Bora; Orak, Yavuz; Urfalio Apr 1, 2019 4299
Guardian's consent not required to start brain death assessment in Dubai. Mar 19, 2019 663
Brain Death and Organ Donation in Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Ozmert, Sengul; Sever, Feyza; Ayar, Ganime; Yazici, Mutlu Uysal; Oztas, Dilek Kahraman Report Feb 1, 2019 4429
An Investigation and Suggestions for the Improvement of Brain Death Determination in China. Su, Ying-Ying; Chen, Wei-Bi; Liu, Gang; Fan, Lin-Lin; Zhang, Yan; Ye, Hong; Gao, Dai-Quan; Liu, Yi-F Report Dec 20, 2018 3493
Brain Death: 50 Years Later and Still Controversial. Payne, Kate Sep 22, 2018 1029
Rapid Brain Death following Cardiac Arrest without Intracranial Pressure Rise and Cerebral Circulation Arrest. Nguyen, Maxime; Bievre, Thomas; Nadji, Abdelouaid; Bouhemad, Belaid Jan 1, 2018 1534
Donation after Circulatory Death vs. Donors Neurologically Brain Dead: Do Transplant Outcomes Differ? Robbins, Karen C. Nov 1, 2017 529
Variability in Diagnosing Brain Death at an Academic Medical Center. Pandey, Ashutosh; Sahota, Pradeep; Nattanmai, Premkumar; Newey, Christopher R. Jan 1, 2017 4939
Interview: Israel Stinson's mom on battle with hospital that turned off toddler's life support against her wishes. Bourne, Lisa Sep 1, 2016 1889
Baby is born to mom 55 days after she is declared brain-dead. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2016 353
Bioquark Inc. and Revita Life Sciences Receive IRB Approval for First-In-Human Brain Death Study. Apr 25, 2016 731
A Comparison of Brain Death Criteria between China and the United States. Ding, Ze-Yu; Zhang, Qian; Wu, Jian-Wei; Yang, Zhong-Hua; Zhao, Xing-Quan Report Nov 1, 2015 4235
Apparently Recovering Breath Function in Brain Death. Ding, Ze-Yu; Zhang, Qian; Wu, Jian-Wei; Yang, Zhong-Hua; Zhao, Xing-Quan Report Nov 1, 2015 1324
Krait snakebite mimicking brain death: a case report from central India. Shukla, Yogesh; Lazarus, Monica; Divya, C.K. Clinical report Sep 1, 2015 1273
Born seven weeks after mom declared brain dead, "Baby Angel" is doing well. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2015 487
Claiming dignity while dangling between life and death. Turliuc, Dana; Turliuc, Serban; Cucu, Andrei; Buraga, Vladimir; Costea, Claudia Florida Report Mar 22, 2015 2099
Understanding the concept of brain death in the Middle East. Hashim, Abdul Hakeem Al-; Busaidi, Mujahid Al- Editorial Mar 1, 2015 805
Update of clinical practice guidelines for brain death determination in an academic heath center. Jackson, Jennifer; Willmarth-Stec, Melissa; Shutter, Lori Report Feb 1, 2015 5243
Seminar in Oman to shed light on organ donation after brain death. Oct 11, 2014 479
Stanford doc says not enough evidence Jahi isn't brain-dead. Really? Smith, Wesley J. Oct 1, 2014 482
Oman's Grand Mufti's fatwa allows organ donation after brain death. Sep 28, 2014 232
Is brain death reversal possible in near future: intrathecal sodium nitroprusside (SNP) superfusion in brain death patients = the 10,000 fold effect. Kumar, Vinod; Husain, Mazhar; Gupta, H.K. Das May 26, 2014 4307
Brain Death and Organ Donation Seminar Concludes. Apr 14, 2014 282
Brain Death and Organ Donation/ Seminar. Apr 13, 2014 301
Russian officials vow to defend Christianity against 'godless' West. Mar 1, 2014 788
Mother of teenager diagnosed as brain-dead writes that her daughter is not suffering and is "much better physically". Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2014 481
"It's the best and the worst at the same time": healthy baby born to brain-dead mom in Canada. Andrusko, Dave Feb 1, 2014 713
Death by neurological criteria. Powell, Kevin T. Jan 1, 2014 990
Analyzing EEG of quasi-brain-death based on dynamic sample entropy measures. Ni, Li; Cao, Jianting; Wang, Rubin Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 3395
RE: brain death. Caruso, John Letter to the editor May 1, 2013 224
Expert Warns Against Internet Overuse; Says Google Generation Susceptible to Brain Death. Brief article Dec 26, 2012 251
Medics disagree over brain death criteria; YOUR LETTERS TO THE NATIONAL NEWSPAPER OF WALES & COMMENT DEBATE. Aug 20, 2011 263
The role of understanding the brain death concept in individuals' willingness to donate organs--preliminary study. Hulewska, A. Report Jun 1, 2011 3382
Brain death in children/Cocuklarda beyin olumu. Tatli, Burak; Ekici, Baris Report Jun 1, 2011 3141
Clinical determination of brain death. Dobb, G.J. May 1, 2011 1316
Brain death, the pediatric patient, and the nurse. Zielinski, Pamela B. Report Jan 1, 2011 5400
When and by what criteria is it acceptable to declare death in DCD donors? Apr 15, 2010 1524
Paraguayan player Salvador Cabanas in serious condition. Brief article Jan 25, 2010 234
Dopamine boost primes kidneys: transplant patient benefits when the organ gets infusion. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Oct 10, 2009 301
And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead. Rubenstein, Alan; Lizza, John P.; Menzel, Paul T.; Lee, Daniel E.; Arbisser, Lisa Brothers Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2009 3074
Brain death: can it be resuscitated? Shewmon, D. Alan Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 5248
Putting death in context. Lederer, Susan E. Nov 1, 2008 751
Rethinking the ethics of vital organ donations: accepted medical practice already violates the dead donor rule. Explicitly jettisoning the rule--allowing vital organs to be extracted, under certain conditions, from living patients--is a radical change only at the conceptual level. But it would expand the pools of eligible organ donors. Millerand, Franklin G.; Truog, Robert D. Nov 1, 2008 7479
Two public ethical debates intensify: brain death. Oct 1, 2008 522
Barotrauma during apnoea testing for brain death determination in a five-year-old boy. Monterrubio-Villar, J.; Cordoba-Lopez, A. May 1, 2008 927
Man Diagnosed as Brain Dead Recovers. Apr 1, 2008 995
UNOS formalizes regarding premature retrieval of organs. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 213
Loving life while accepting death. Palavali, Vivekanand Excerpt Jul 1, 2006 2440
Organ donation without brain death? Truog, Robert D. Nov 1, 2005 794
Brain death without definitions. Chiong, Winston Nov 1, 2005 8341
Questions and Answers on the Incapacitated Person's Legal Protection Act. Mar 1, 2005 568
A Fascinating Study With Real Significance for Brain-Injured Patients. Ranalli, Paul Mar 1, 2005 1126
Disability Rights Groups File Amicus Brief in Terri Schiavo Case. Townsend, Liz Mar 1, 2003 409
Dying patients as research subjects. (another voice). Truog, Robert D. Jan 1, 2003 778
Revisiting ethical guidelines for research with terminal wean and brain-dead participants. Pentz, Rebecca D.; Flamm, Anne L.; Pasqualini, Renata; Logothetis, Christopher J.; Arap, Wadih Jan 1, 2003 4528
Judge to Rule Soon on Withdrawal of Terri Schindler-Schiavo's Feeding Tube. Nov 1, 2002 1356
Research using brain dead and nearly dead patients. Glover, Jacqueline J. May 1, 2002 602
Life and death and the organ donor. Shea, Dr. John B. Jan 1, 2002 3097
RECONSIDERING BRAIN DEATH: A Lesson from Japan's Fifteen Years of Experience. MORIOKA, MASAHIRO Jul 1, 2001 4939
Organ Donation and Neuroscience Nursing: Your Role in the Process. Schnell, Sally Apr 1, 1999 4814
A defense of the whole-brain concept of death. Bernat, James L. Mar 1, 1998 8454
Is it time to abandon brain death? Truog, Robert D. Cover Story Jan 1, 1997 7697
Defining death: ethical, moral, and legal factors. Phipps, William E. Jan 1, 1996 2993
The impending collapse of the whole-brain definition of death. Veatch, Robert M. Jul 1, 1993 6121
The search for the new pineal gland: brain life and personhood. Moussa, Mario; Shannon, Thomas A. Cover Story May 1, 1992 6055
The heart, the gut, and brain death in Japan. Akatsu, Haruko Mar 1, 1990 647
Live sperm, dead bodies. Nolan, Kathleen; Rothman, Cappy Miles; Ross, Judith Wilson Jan 1, 1990 643
The court & Nancy Cruzan. Crigger, Bette-Jane Jan 1, 1990 374
Brain death and organ donation: you can have one without the other. Annas, George J. Jun 1, 1988 2456

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