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Bragada Mattress Awarded Orthopaedic Research Institute's Seal of Approval.

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Bragada, a manufacturer and retailer of mattresses, mattress pads, and pillows has announced that it has received the Orthopaedic Research Institute's Seal of Approval for its mattresses. Products that bear the ORI's seal are subjected to testing and must meet ORI standards. More about the ORI seal can be found at

Bragada was evaluated by the ORI on the basis of four specific claims Bragada made about its mattresses. The ORI found all four claims valid and accordingly awarded Bragada its seal.

The validated claims included:

- Bragada mattresses provide a sleep surface that reduces pressure against the body while sleeping. The ORI found that the maximum pressures experienced by subjects lying on their backs on a Bragada mattress were 8% to 25% lower than the pressures measured for the competitor's mattress. The pressure reductions with the Bragada mattress were even more pronounced for subjects lying on their sides, with a range of 20% to 36% less pressure.

- Bragada mattresses provide a supportive sleep surface for the back. ORI tests concluded that for subjects lying on their backs, Bragada mattresses provided lumbar back support over an area 10% greater than that provided by the competitor's mattress. For subjects lying on one side, the Bragada mattress provided support over a 9% greater area in the waist region.

- Bragada mattresses will keep the body cool throughout the night. In ORI's evaluation, the maximum temperatures were one degree Fahrenheit lower with the Bragada mattress than with the competitor mattress.

- Bragada mattresses contour to your body. The ORI found that for both back and side positions, the Bragada mattress was more conforming to the body and distributed the subject's weight more uniformly and over a greater area than the competitor mattress.

"We are pleased to announce the Orthopaedic Research Institute's confirmation of the superior qualities of our mattresses," stated Vincent Simmons of Bragada. The ORI Seal of Approval signifies both that Bragada met industry standards and that Bragada's own assertions about its product have been verified.
 Vincent Simmons
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Date:Sep 24, 2004
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