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Brady talks of tribunal fears.

IAN Brady is convinced he will be allowed to starve himself to death after appearing at a mental health review tribunal.

The Moors murderer is being force-fed by staff at Ashworth hospital after it was decided he was insane.

But the killer and his legal team will argue that he is well enough to be moved to a normal prison.

Once there, the authorities will be powerless to stop him refusing all food and water.

Brady won the right to have the hearing held in public and a suitable date and venue is being looked at.

But the 65-year-old is certain he will never be seen in public again and that his evidence at the hearing will not appear in print.

Today the ECHO prints extracts of Brady's last letter to his legal representatives in which he talks of his fears that the hearing will be held in secret.

The letter says: ``A primary reason for insisting upon a public tribunal is to ensure that Ashworth and the tribunal authorities are made publicly accountable/responsible for their procedures and decisions.''

Brady then tells how the tribunal can stop the public and press from attending all,or some,of the hearing.

He then writes: ``In short, the authorities can mislead the public into believing a tribunal held in secret was in fact held in public.''

A judge will be appointed to chair Brady's trubunal which will be held at Ashworth hospital or in a court.

They do have the power to change the procedures in any way they see fit.

An Ashworth hospital spokeswoman said: ``A tribunal met and agreed that Mr Brady can have a public mental health review tribunal.

``The terms of that have not been set.''
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 29, 2003
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