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Bracket fix shows some restraint.


The newly installed gunner's restraint system (GRS) on the M1126 ICV, M1127 RV, M1130 CV, M1131 FSV, and M1132 ESV Strykers won't do much restraining if it's not installed right.

The right-rear retractor for the air sentry guard GRS was installed the wrong way on some of these Strykers. The bracket that mounts the retractor to the floor was flipped, moving the retractor closer to the center of the vehicle.


Unfortunately, that places the retractor too close to the ramp. When the ramp is closed, it hits the retractor casing and cracks it. Then the GRS webbing can bind as it retracts. That can keep it from tightening properly, which puts you at risk.

As part of your before-operations PMCS, inspect all of the GRS harnesses, retractors and brackets, but pay special attention to the right-rear air guard bracket. If the bracket is installed wrong, it's considered a safety issue and your vehicle is NMC until the problem can be fixed. Notify your mechanic and he'll correct the bracket orientation.

If the bracket was installed properly and there's enough clearance for safe operation of the retractor, you're good to go. However, there may be a few vehicles that still have an interference problem even after the bracket is reinstalled correctly.

In those cases, tell your mechanic. He'll replace the old bracket with a new one, CAGE 1EAW9, PN DTA201374. The new bracket mounts the same way, but has been reshaped to move the retractor 3/4 inch farther out of the way. The bracket is also stamped with the word TOP for proper orientation.


You'll find the complete scoop on this issue in TACOM GPA 11-007.

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