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Brace yourself against costly pallet rack damage.

Forklift damage accounts for 90% of rack failures. Reinforced pallet storage racks provide long-term rugged protection against such damage.

With the costs of warehouse storage space on the rise, including both the actual floor square footage and the pallet rack inside the facility, a company certainly doesn't need any additional unplanned costs to maintain their warehouse.

One such cost is for replacing forklift-damaged pallet racks, especially with open column, bolt-together storage racks.

"Wherever there is a lot of damage to uprights, it's usually occurring because the fork truck drivers are using the uprights as guides," says Kurt Larson, Central Regional Sales Manager for Steel King, Inc. "They're bumping the uprights on the front or the sides, coming around corners, and bumping into the lower portion of the frame."

"The problem with the open-column, bolt-together pallet rack is that in the short term you save money, but in the long term you'll have to keep replacing parts of it or the whole rack." Larson says. "With an SK2000 pallet rack re-enforced with Column Core, you'll almost never have to replace it."

Column Core is a factory installed option to Steel King's SK2000 tubular, boltless pallet rack. With Column Core installed, companies retain full adjustability of their pallet rack beams, reduce puncturing, buckling and torsional twisting of their pallet rack uprights, and increased protection without any additional installation costs.

For more information contact Donald Heemstra at Steel King. Call 1-800-826-0203.


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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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