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Bra boss boobs by playing the martyr.

Byline: George Galloway

TOWARDS the end of the Thatcher-Major era a series of greedy pigs lined up to say they would leave Britain if Labour were elected to power.

I immediately took against them although many of them were favourites of mine.

Three spring to mind. Frank Bruno - know what I mean 'Arry - was one of the most lovable chumps ever to be crowned a champ, although it could only happen in Britain (and to Eddie the Eagle).

Stephen Hendry the snooker ace and the still greater Steve Davis said they'd emigrate if that well known red revolutionary Tony Blair moved in to Downing Street.

None of them did of course but it soured my attitude to them ever-after.

Partly it was the greed - they thought Labour might tax them more, though in fact they taxed them less. But it was also a case of: "Who do they think they are?" Do they think we couldn't live without a chump and two snooker lounge lizards? I confess I feel the same about this week's threat by Michelle Mone to quit Scotland if the country votes for independence.

As it happened, I had just been watching her on BBC World (both of us a long way from Scotland) endlessly playing the martyr to her great struggle to, er, make a bra.

She told the viewers - oh how she told them - she'd had to mortgage her home to keep her ends up. How lift-off had been achieved via Julia Roberts' embonpoint in Erin Brockovich. How she'd been robbed and had to start again.

All admirable, especially if it had been a struggle to invent penicillin or free an oppressed nation. But to make a bra? I didn't like the way she boasted of her philanthropy (about which she was curiously imprecise as to quantum and purpose) either.

It is unbecoming to tell everyone how generous one is, and shows a lack of class. Which in a word is what I have always thought about her.

Even before she issued her "threat" Vote No - or the babies get it!

Well I'm voting no, too, Michelle, but not because you might take your gel-filled sacks to Monte Carlo if it goes the other way.

LIKE the Holy Roman Empire, which wasn't Holy and neither was it Roman nor an Empire, the Royal Bank of Scotland is an embarrassment to us, although it isn't royal nor Scottish and scarcely as much of a bank, as it is a running sieve of the public's money, billions of pounds of which has been allowed to run down the drain in a desperate bid to save it "for the nation".

The chief executive's determination to take his near million pound bonus beggars belief even from a public relations point of view, but the bigger scandal is now coming down the pipe. The head of the RBS Investment section - the one which all but sank us - is about to pick up a SIX million pound bonus.

When Alistair Darling set us off down the disastrous course of public subsidy for private irresponsibility, I demanded in the House he take controlling seats on the boards - golden shares - precisely to stop the same buccaneers playing as fast and loose with our money as they had been doing with their shareholders, employees and account holders' cash. He refused. "I've never been keen on governments sitting on the boards of private companies," he answered me.

Apart from the fact (as I pointed out) this was a lie as I had known him as the Trotskyite he once was when he advocated just that and more, it was a ruinous miscalculation about leopards and spots, which would see the banks saved at public cost for private profit and the bonus culture to carry on until we were all up that wellknown creek and having broken our paddle.


THREAT n Michelle Mone says she will quit the country if Scotland votes in favour of Independence
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 30, 2012
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