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Guacamole is mostly mashed avocado ... except when companies like Kraft, Marie's, and Dean's make it. Then, it's mostly avocado-colored oil (sometimes partially hydrogenated) and water.

That's one reason why AvoClassic Mix 'n Dip Avocado Salsa will knock your chips off.

It's half avocado, half salsa, each in its own stay-fresh-until-opened plastic pouch. Mix the avocado with the diced tomatoes, onion, and jalapeno peppers and you've got a chunky dip with plenty of heat (to tone it down, add less salsa).

The one-two punch of avocado and salsa wilt keep your taste buds happily ping-ponging between creamy and zingy. Bonus: the tomato-laden salsa dilutes the avocado, so that each two-tablespoon serving has just 50 calories--about half what you'd get from AvoClassic's regular Guacamole.

Slice up some red or green peppers and prepare to dip. Or forget the store-bought tortilla chips and bake some whole wheat pita wedges at 350[degrees] for 10 minutes. Or serve AvoClassic as a topping for black bean burritos, grilled fish tacos, or chicken fajitas.

From now on, it's guac around the clock at your place.


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