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Boys on the plane.

There is some good news. I was, for example, delighted to hear from Brian Stelter of the New York Times that press flights have been sharply curtailed in the last few months, a victim of cost cutting by news organizations that are struggling to stay profitable.

Stelter is talking about the chartered planes that used to fly much of the White House press corps on trips taken by the president. I could never understand why all this journalistic talent was needed to cover every presidential trip. It seemed to me that beyond five or six competent reporters little incremental value was supplied by each additional journalist. In fact, the only good I could see is that the fellows seemed to enjoy the liberal beverage service and the excel lent meals that were provided on these flights, which, while paid for by the media owners, were arranged by a White House staff eager to curry favor among the reporters who cover the president.

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Title Annotation:TILTING at windmills; White House press corps
Author:Peters, Charles
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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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