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Boys Anti-Tank rifle.




Q: My grandfather recently passed on to me a .55 Boys Anti-Tank rifle. This rifle is very well maintained and in good condition. The cheekrest, however, shows some wear. I'm interested in the Boys' worth and perhaps if you know of any locations I can purchase some accessories for it.

Patrick Graham

via e-mail

A: If you can, find a copy of Disney's limited edition 2-DVD set Walt Disney On the Front Lines, one of the shorts is Stop That Tank!, a 1942 training film on use and care of the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle in live action and animation. Disney released it a few years ago including other wartime cartoons including the rarely seen Victory Through Airpower. Stop That Tank!, (which you might be able see on shows some of the accessories and tools.

As for value, one showed up on with an asking price of $9,980. It appeared to be in better condition and cased in its original box. For accessories, you'll have to beat the bushes and gun shows for them. Parts show up on and occasionally.

Although he doesn't export ammo or components, Peter Meyer of Australia,, makes Boys ammo. The bullet is the difficult part, because it is .55" rather than the more common .50 BMG's .510", and Peter lathe turns the 805-grain bullets from solid copper. Also, the case is of the belted variety and looks somewhat like a giant .300 H&H. Some have converted their pieces to .50 BMG, but with the price of originals climbing so high, it might be best left alone.

Should you want to load for the Boys, dies and press are in stock at C&H/4D Dies, (P.O. Box 889, Mt. Vernon, OH 43050, 740/397-7214, The .55 Boys dies are Group "O" cost $334.53 and use shellholder 452290. Brass is the tough part, though.
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