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Boycotters are dividing Coventry fans; Letters

IN response to Gary Watson, (Letters, October 7), I believe you when you say that you have not verbally abused anyone at Sixfields. But, what was the point of the boycotters who have been travelling 30 miles to Sixfields, if not to confront and intimidate loyal fans, not to go into Sixfields? At the first home game, I heard people called scabs and scum by boycotters and there was a confrontation between a picket and a loyal supporter, that was recorded on TV. I have been called a traitor, an employee of Sisu and Tim Fisher's brother, and other names. At the recent BBC CWR fans' forum, I was confronted by a boycotter when I tried to leave and accused of dividing the supporters because I used the mild term of "Muppets on the Mount", to lampoon the boycotters. It is not I and the loyal fans who are dividing the supporters, it is the boycotters.

Our support is ongoing and loyal, it is the boycotters who have changed their position and are dividing the supporters!

You cannot get your "fix" or salve your consciences by merely going to away games. The word "supporter" means paying to watch your team play and sustaining your club financially.You are an ex-supporter!

Peter Chambers, Frankton Avenue, Styvechale.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 16, 2013
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