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Hertzan Chimera and Alex Severin

Massacre Publications

Vile001 $15.99 212 pages

BoyFistGirlSuck is a collection of twenty-eight stories that twist, mesmerize, abuse and play with your mind and senses. It's difficult to walk away from these without feeling a bit imbalanced and off kilter, though it's also the pure fun of it as well. While sometimes an extravagant descent into brutal inner thoughts and poignant dark matter, it also speaks clearly to the heart and soul of what it means to be human. From the creative mind and body of two innovative writers, Hertzan Chimera and Alex Severin, this is an explosive read.

Separated into three parts: Hors 'd oeuvres, Main Course and Dessert, there's bound to be something to get your finicky palate going. Of the twenty-eight offerings, I will touch on the ones that have stayed with me most.

There is poetry and grace to "Koda" both surreal and mesmerizing. Meiki ghosts roam, visions of love and death, sex and death, and the afterglow of death. Here are thoughts of someone who waits, thoughts that scour their lust for the dead. It's bittersweet humanity.

While "The Coat of Many Cunts" has an abrasive title, it is a favorite. It's a very open and honest depiction from a woman, a being, a vessel that has been lost on a journey, though knew very little of its true origin to begin with. I think there are many that can relate to the thoughts here, written with potent emotional power.

"The Compelling Iridescence of her Flesh" also shows shades of beauty. The story reads to me as if this "flesh" is somewhat like a flaw or scar. So ugly to one, yet so enchanting to another. It's almost like the way society puts a spotlight on a flaw, magnifying it until it's bigger than life. And there's the man who has become obsessed by it, lives and breathes it, until it's the reason for his existence. It's almost a parody of the way many people, vain and diluted, never see things as they really are, but rather, make it into what they want it to be, or who they want them to be.

"Gestation" is probably one of the most repulsive stories I've ever read, but I say that with a devious smile and it's meant as a high compliment. It takes a lot of imagination and clarity to create something this divinely insane. Can't say I'd read this to a loved one over dinner, it gets a little fishy.

"Red, Red, Wine" is about as gritty as the streets the Vampyres walk along. Some may be quite familiar with this one, it's certainly another favorite.

Other standout ditties to dine on include "Drumskin", "Face Seventeen", and "You Die Tonight Chisao".

Throughout all the stories, there are many different themes. Acceptance, isolation, denial, angst, fear, insecurities, wonder, loneliness, and also coping with shame; allowing one permission to think and share their dark thoughts. This is a collection where the rules of society aren't allowed, and a person has the right to just "be". The descriptions are vivid; very real yet lend an otherworldly texture to them. Sure it's not the kind of reading for everybody, but it has a lot to offer and perhaps some may not want to admit how often strange fluidities roam in their own minds. For an alternative read with raw emotions and mental fluctuations, BoyFistGirlSuck will fuel you for hauntingly wet dreams.
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Author:Jackson, Nancy
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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