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Boy found responsible for Roseburg school shooting.

Byline: Bill Bishop The Register-Guard

Fifteen-year-old Vincent Wayne Leodoro was found responsible Thursday for all five crimes - including attempted murder and first-degree assault - stemming from the Feb. 23 shooting of another student at Roseburg High School.

Douglas County Juvenile Court Judge Robert Millikan reached the decision after hearing two days of evidence this week. Millikan scheduled a dispositional hearing for July 7, during which he will decide what steps to take to protect the community while reforming the boy.

Under Oregon law, Leodoro faces a maximum sentence of confinement with the Oregon Youth Authority until age 25.

Deputy Douglas County District Attorney Ann Marie Simmons said the investigation is not over. While officials are not discussing details, evidence that emerged during Leodoro's trial indicated that a 14-year-old boy allegedly provoked animosity between Leodoro and the victim, 16-year-old Joe Monti.

Roseburg Police Department spokesman Aaron Dunbar said investigators initially looked into the allegations and have not filed charges. It is The Register-Guard's policy not to identify juvenile suspects who are not charged with serious crimes.

Statements Leodoro made in a recorded interview with a detective indicated that the 14-year-old was a mutual friend of Leodoro and Monti.

Leodoro said the boy told him Monti had been threatening to harm his family. Outside of court this week, Monti said that was the first he'd heard of the boy's provocation of Leodoro. Monti said the boy also had baited him with information that Leodoro was threatening to harm Monti's family. He said he had been friends with Leodoro and the mutual friend for less than a month before the shooting.

In statements to police, Leodoro said that on the night before he shot Monti, he told the mutual friend he was taking a gun to school the next day. The mutual friend, who was suspended from school at the time, nevertheless showed up at school on the day of the shooting, according to the evidence.

Leodoro also told Roseburg Police Detective Joseph Kaney that he showed the gun to the mutual friend at school 15 minutes before the shooting.

Under questioning by Kaney, Leodoro also revealed that he and the mutual friend were upset because two girls with whom they had romantic interests were taking a noticeably growing interest in Monti.

In a taped interview with Kaney, Leodoro said, "Every time they see Joe, they follow him. When he's there, we're like nothing."

According to testimony in the trial, when Leodoro opened fire, the two girls were walking on either side of Monti, "talking, giggling," while Leodoro and the mutual friend trailed behind. Leodoro shot Monti four times in the back with a 10 mm pistol loaded with hollow point bullets designed to expand on impact to cause maximum injury, according to testimony.

Leodoro had taken the gun, belonging to his stepfather, from a nightstand. He told police he had no plan for what to do after he shot Monti.
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Title Annotation:Crime; Vincent Wayne Leodoro, 15, shot a classmate four times in a dispute testimony suggested was provoked by a third youth
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Jun 30, 2006
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