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Boy, could our Howard box!

Byline: James Corrigan The most forthright voice on Welsh sport

HERE in Wales we are good at looking back, especially when it involves our athletic heroes, which makes the continued absence of a national sports museum that much harder to understand.

Take last week's 40th anniversary of Howard Winstone's world title victory over Japan's Mitsunori Seki.

I wonder how many Welsh folk of a certain vintage took a few minutes out to remember the night when Mr Popular of Merthyr at last fulfilled his dream? Alas, I wasn't alive at the time, but relatives have assured me that thiswas one of the most rousing days in Welsh sporting history, when the nation united to hailason it loved as much as any before or since.

At least there is a statue in his home town where his fans can pay homage.

Merthyr sets a fine example in this regard, as there are also monuments to Johnny Owen and Eddie Thomas. If only our capital city had such a good memory.

In the last few days calls have gone up to include a statue of Fred Keenor in the plans for the new Cardiff City stadium in Leck with. We can only pray the response is positive, although what is depressing in my book is that the powers-that-be might need any chivvying along in the first place.

Look around the capital and apart from the odd name of a cafe there is nothing to remind visitors of what this column believes to be the finest day in Welsh sport - when a Welsh club took the most famous cup in football away from its homeland and renamed it in the process.

Many forget that before 1927 it was called the "English Cup." Hasn't quite got the same ring to it has it ... "the magic of the English Cup?"

So come on Cardiff, let's scream from the rooftops about Keenor's heroes and, while we are at it, about everything else in sport of which this nation should be so very proud. We're not good at much. But, boy, could Howard box.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 3, 2008
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