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Boxy kitchen and dining room become one bright space.

Replacing one wall with a big L-shaped island helped turn a dark, boxy tract house kitchen into this wide-open room well suited to the owners' frequent family gatherings.

The old kitchen had a pass-through wall separating it from the dining room; the tiny breakfast nook had no light, and the pantry was inconveniently located in tbe dining area, Pushing out part of an exterior wall 4 feet created an alcove for the refrigerator and a tiled desk counter. New skylights above the kitchen and dining area brighten the space.

The central island has a maple counter with seating for two at one end, and numerous cabinets and shelves that pull out on heavy-duty full-extension glides. A rack over the cooktop hangs pots and pans close at hand.

Blue ceramic tiles, white oak cabinets, and random-width oak flooring replaced laminate counters, dark wood-veneer cabinets, and linoleum floors. Black glass fronts on appliances tend a contemporary look. For more efficient space use, niches for towels and a telephone message center
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Date:May 1, 1989
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