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Boxing clever with our telly expert; River City has raised the bar for all soaps with gripping scenes of drive-by shooting outside the Tall Ship pub. Another thrilling game was trying identify the young celebrities on MasterChef. I had no such problem in spotting brilliantduo Mitchell and Webb, who are Back in new comedy.

Amassive round of applause to River City (BBC1, Tuesday), and Dawn Steele in particular, for her performance in last week's episode which saw blood on the streets of Shieldinch in the aftermath of the drive-by shooting at the wedding of Alex and Annie Murdoch.

If you haven't seen it, first of all why not? And secondly, get on the iPlayer and catch up. I won't give away spoilers here but 'till death do us part looks like becoming a vow Annie will have to consider much sooner than she anticipated.

Nothing is certain, of course, especially after a humdinger of a cliff-hanger, which left two major characters fighting for life, with one declared dead as the credits rolled to Dawn's anguished, tear-stained face.

But which one? The great shame is that anyone is leaving a cast which is probably the strongest it's ever been in the show, but what a way to go.

The devil is often in the detail, especially in a drama like River City so extra kudos for bringing in veteran reporter and former BBC Scotland journalist Alan Mackay to report on events as they unfolded at Shieldinch. If you take the little things seriously, it only underpins the big stuff. The new boy did well too - I predict he might have a future in front of the camera.

Celebrity MasterChef (Wednesday, BBC1) is a reassuring piece of wallpaper television which invites you to sit down and enjoy the stresses and strains of somebody else cooking their socks off. Quite why that is relaxing, or even good telly, I have no idea but it's staple in the viewing larder, the equivalent of comfort food on the telly. Or at least it is until you realise the only celebs you recognise are those who are middle-aged. When you haven't a clue who anyone under 30 is, it can leave you feeling just a little too well done, if not burnt to a crisp.

Back (Wednesday, C4) sees the return of Peep Show duo Robert Webb and David Mitchell and one half of the writing duo, Simon Blackwell, for this new comedy. Mitchell plays Stephen, son of a legendary pub landlord. He meets Webb at his father's funeral, claiming to be a long lost foster child and his 'brother'. "There were so many of the ******, I lost track. Like the Sugababes," says a suspicious Stephen. Well worth a peep.

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Date:Sep 10, 2017
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