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Boxing: BOXING LOVE; Rivals unite to help out Docherty.


COMMONWEALTH super-featherweight champion Craig Docherty has dreamt of losing his European title bout with Boris Sinitsin - but insists that's no bad thing.

The Glaswegian seems to have the entire city behind him as he prepares for the fight at the Kelvin Hall on October 15, with even rival promoter Alex Morrison lending his boxer Willie Lomond to help with sparring.

And although it might seem worrying that he has started losing the fight in his dreams, Docherty insists they have simply spurred him to work even harder.

He said: "I've started dreaming about Sinitsin and that's a good thing.

"In my dreams I'm always ahead on points when he starts catching me with punches. All that means is that I'll be working even harder in the gym to prevent that happening in reality.

"Willie fights all tucked up and has fast hands so he'll be the ideal preparation for Sinitsin."

His promoter Tommy Gilmour jr and Morrison's relationship has sometimes been explosive in the past but their latest coming together bodes well for the future of professional boxing in Scotland.

"Alex and his daughter, Katherine, called me a few weeks ago to offer to sell tickets for the show," said Gilmour. "From there Alex graciously suggested that European Union champion Willie Limond and Martin Watson could work with Craig.

"The entire city is coming together for this one, from the Council down.

"People talk about the rivalry between Alex and myself but I helped his fighter, Brian Carr, win a title and also helped Willie with his recovery after he lost to Alex Arthur."

Morrison added: "Willie will be defending his own title next month so this will be helpful for him too."


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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 9, 2004
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