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Boxers Now Have Their Own Wearable Tracker.

( Everlast and ( PIQ are making the first ( wearable for core and fitness boxing available for purchase. PIQ ROBOT is ideal for anyone who consistently does boxing as a way of exercise or for sport. Everlast and PIQ ( announced the product several months ago at CES. The wearable attaches to the wrist by a wrap and keeps track of numerous facets of a workout.

PIQ ROBOT can track the speed and impact strength of strokes as well as recognize different moves used. It can show results from several workouts including shadow boxing, bear paws and fight. All results will be sent directly to the Everlast and PIQ app on the user's Android or iPhone. Leaderboards are available on the app to track their results against other PIQ ROBOT users across the world.

Along with tracking results, the PIQ ROBOT app provides suggestions on how to improve in areas that users may be lacking. It now currently available for $99 on the ( Everlast and ( PIQ websites.

Wearables for specific sports are beginning to catch on. Earlier this year, Leomo ( released ( Type-R a wearable specifically designed for cyclists and triathletes. With seemingly countless activity trackers available, a wearable specifically designed for a certain activity is welcome. Choosing the correct fitness tracker can be overwhelming, but if more companies choose to follow in the footsteps of Leomo and PIQ/Everlast the decisions will become easier.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Apr 12, 2017
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