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Box office.

We rate the country's top 10 films on at the cinema this week >1 OzTheGreatand Powerful (3D) THIS prequel to the classic Wizard Of Oz is a terrifically charming fantasy adventure starring James Franco (right).

>2 The Croods A PREHISTORIC adventure starring the voices of Ryan Reynolds and Nicolas Cage. It's not The Flintstones, but it looks incredible.

>3 Side Effects OCEAN'S Eleven director Steven Soderbergh is taking a break. This dark tale with Rooney Mara (right) and Jude Law is his swansong.

>4 Welcome To The Punch JAMES McAvoy (right) stars as a detective with a score to settle with Mark Strong's gangland boss. Strong is incredible.

>5 Wreck-It Ralph A VIDEO game's super villain tries to go straight in Disney's animated family film. The movie has terrific visuals and a great heart.

>6 Parker JASON Statham (right) continues his one-note career (but what a note) as a criminal of the title who is shot by his gang and left for dead.

>7 Burt Wonderstone STEVE Carell and Jim Carrey star with Steve Buscemi in hilarious tale of Vegas magicians.

>8 Mama TWO girls return from five years missing in the woods and have brought back something spooky. This wouldn't scare a kitten.

>9 Red Dawn A REMAKE of the 1984 film, Red Dawn's re-boot stars Chris Hemsworth (right) taking on the North Koreans as they attack the US.

>10 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters JEREMY Renner Gemma Arterton (right) star as Grimm reapers.

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Date:Mar 22, 2013
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