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Bow accessories.

The Sight that Sets Itself

Simplicity is key. That's what makes the new React Sight from Trophy Ridge so great. What's unique about the React is that the pins will literally sight themselves in. All you need to do is get the 20- and 30-yard pins properly tuned using the micro windage and elevation adjustments, and the bottom three pins will automatically move to 40, 50 and 60 yards via the master adjustment knob on top of the device. The sight is calibrated to work regardless of bow model or arrow speed. If you do things right, you can have a brand new rig sighted in and ready to roll in 10 minutes. Weighing 10.3 ounces, the React is constructed from Trophy Ridge's exclusive Ballistix copolymer that offers the strength of aluminum at a fraction of the weight, The React also sports a rubberized finish, .019-inch fiber-optic pins, rheostat pin light, sight level and reversible mounting bracket.

MSRP: $149 (black) or $159 (camo)

Contact: Trophy Ridge, 800-694-9494;

Simplify It!

Does your treestand leave you with limited space, leaving you to hold your bow or hang it in an in-convienent place? The Bow Hitch from Bohning Archery will tackle that problem. With a unique "L" Bracket and receiver system, your bow will be sitting right there when you need it. The bracket attaches to your L riser using the stabilizer threads and weighs just 1.3 ounces. Slide the bracket into the mounted receiver and you're in business.

MSRP: Not available

Contact Bohning Archery, 231-229-4247;

Extra Strength

The new Carbon Blade sights from FUSE Accessories are equipped with an adjustable sight rail, built from the revolutionary Carbon Blade frame for the ultimate in strength and low weight. Third-axis leveling and bright, steel-encased .019-inch fiber pins in 3-, 5- or 7-pin configurations are standard. Available in micro (M-Series) or standard (G-Series) gang adjust and in Realtree Xtra, AP, Max-1 and Black Out.

MSRP: Varies by Model

Contact: FUSE Accessories, 801-363-2990;

Best of Both Worlds

Archer Xtreme is back in a big way for 2013 with its AX Driver 4 bow sight--a .019-inch, 4-pin design that offers the best of both fixed-pin and movable sights. Bowhunters can cover four shorter yardages with the four pins and tackle longer shots using the EDG system, which allows you quickly dial the bottom pin into position for extended ranges. This extremely versatile, movable sight is lightweight and compact. Packed Nith features, such as Center Core Pin stainless steel tube pins for strength and protection, it provides the dependability of a fixed-pin setting and the long-range accuracy of a movable pin.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Archer Xtreme, 406-924-6113;

I'll Have The Combo

Like your peep sight but hate using the tubing that goes with it? Pine Ridge Archery has the solution with its convienient Hunter's Combo Pack. The bundle contains a Feather Peep Sight, five inches of Nitro string loop material and a soft-sided slotted kisser button with crimps. Each combo is color coordinated so bowhunters can have matching accessories on their bows, Available in black, red, blue, orange, lime green, pink, purple, and yellow.

MSRP: $11.99

Contact: Pine Ridge Archery, 877-746-7434;

AccuPin Updated

Trijicon hit the archery market in a big way last year with the AccuPin single-pin movable bow sight, featuring Trijicon's exlusive dual-illumination (fiber optics and tritium phosphor lamp) system and the amazing AccuDial pin adjustment wheel that automatically calibrates range settings from 20-80 yards for any bow/arrow combination. For 2013, Trijicon has added a larger, easier-to-see level and nylon patches on every adjustment screw for even easier operation.

MSRP: $495

Contact: Trijicon, 248-960-7700;

Higher Expectations

Today's high-performance bows demand' components and accessories that can live up to expectations. That's why G5 prides itself on making some of the toughest accessories on the market. The company is adding to that tradition with the META Aluminum Peep Sight. It features 7075 aluminum construction to make it both stronger and lighter than magnesium or 6000 series aluminum. Available in red, blue, pink and green in three sizes--3/16-, 1/4- and 5/16-inch.

MSRP: 9.95

Contact: G5 Outdoors, 866-456-8836;

Super Size Me

BowJax, known for its noise- and vibration-reduction tools, is at it again with the Super Size Max Jax Stabilizer Dampeners for that extra measure of dampening to your stabilizers. They feature a 3/4-inch center hole that can stretch to fit stabilizers up to 1(1/4) inches wide. Available in black, olive green, pink, brown, red, blue, purple and orange.

MSRP: $9.99

Contact: BowJax, 208-762-3692;

Beware The Fang

A rubber trigger insert for exceptional feel is just one of the features incorporated into T.R.U. Ball's new release for 2013--the Fang. The Fang is a hook-style release with a pair of trigger options. The first is a straight trigger for more draw length and speed. The other is a relaxed trigger for maximum comfort. With a separate trigger pressure setting screw, you can choose your preferred weight spring package. A red anodized hook and trigger combination gives you a winning look as well.

MSRP: $119.99

Contact: T.R.U. Ball, 434-929-2800;

Better Than Ever

It's difficult to improve a product that is already on top, but that's what VaporTrail did with its Limbdriver Pro arrow rest. You can now activate the rest using either the top or bottom limb, giving you the option to choose what works best on your rig. With its free-floating launcher arm and adjustable string tension, the rest is finished in black or Lost Camo.

MSRP: $99.99 (Black) or $114.99 (Camo)

Contact: VaporTrail, 800-310-8110;

Toughest Ever Made

BCY Bowstring has added Gore fiber to its strings for even more durability than normal--a fact that leads them to advertise that it now has the "toughest bowstring material ever made." A smaller diameter strand allows for the highest speeds possible, as well as providing stability, safety, durability and reliability.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: BCY Bowstring, 860-632-7115;

Contain Yourself

Trophy Taker's PRO Series of arrow rests was an instant hit with archers, and now you have the option of adding a full-containment ring to the model of your choice. The ring uses a flexible rubber flap to guard the opening, and it fully captures your arrow when nocked. For the popular SmackDown Pro, attachment can be made to the upper limb, lower limb or your upward cable. For The X-Treme FC Pro, rests attach to your bow's down cable. An unconditional lifetime warranty is placed on all PRO Series rests.

MSRP: $119.99 (X-Treme FC PRO), $129.99 (SmackDown PRO)

Contact: Trophy Taker, 406-826-0600;

Nano Times Two

Last year, Hot Shot Manufacturing introduced the Nano, a small, index-finger release aid. Well, the Nano is back and better than ever for 2013. First, the improved shape and style of the Nano's head is teeming with shooter-friendly features. Brand new engraving gives the Nano a sporty affsmeat look, and the trimmed down design makes the release ready to take to the field with maximum comfort on your hand. Additionally, the Nano's strap also received an upgrade as it's now made of premium leather with adjustments that can be made more quickly than before.

MSRP: Not available

Contact Hot Shot Manufacturing, 800-551-3076;

In The Scope

Over the years, the archery industry has come to expect originality from Spot-Hogg, whether it be in their bow sights, releases, arrow rests or tuning equipment. So, it should come to nobody's surprise that the company has introduced the Spark--Spot-Hogg's new archery scope that is simply packed with features for bow-hunters and target shooters. In an industry first, the product showcases lighted crosshairs with fully adjustable brightness. Made from lightweight, durable 6061 Aluminum, shooters can choose from a variety of crosshair colors, and the scope features a 1(3/4)-inch lens with an anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Spot-Hogg, 888-302-7768;

Don't Surrender Speed

Many people are having a problem locating a string silencer that will stand up to the abuse of bows shooting over 300 fps. That's a non-issue anymore thanks to the Shotamer, brought to you by the folks at Stiktamer. At just 12 grains apiece, the Shota- mers are durable, easy to install and can be used on either your string or cable. Testing has resulted in a significant decrease in unwanted noise at the shot with virtually no loss of speed.

MSRP: $12.99 (4 pack)

Contact: Stiktamer,

It's Automatic

Hind Sight has developed a way to ensure bow-hunters hold their bows properly on every shot. Because your eye naturally gravitates toward the center of a circle, the company has introduced Circle Alignment Technology on its sights--a system that automatically aligns the front pin housing with the rear sight ring while taking aim. Torque the bow and you torque your sight with it. Talk about on the job training!

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Hind Sight, 734-878-2842;

Always Flexible

PSE presents the Flex 5 bow quiver in Skullworks or Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. The quiver features dual grippers on a flexible composite frame, and it can be used with fixed or expandable broadheads. The frame can be moved to multiple locations so archers can adjust the weight distribution up or down on their bow. Good for carrying five arrows with no shake or rattle in the woods.

MSRP: $54.99

Contact: Precision Shooting Equipment, 520-884-9065;

Get Tighter Groups

The Medusa is Bowfinger Archery's brand new drop-away rest that is jammed full of options archers are bound to love. The innovative drop lock brake system prevents bounce-back for full arrow clearance. The rest also features an internal silencing device and a hooked launcher arm to prevent your arrow from bouncing out of place. Built from CNC machined metal for long-lasting Jurability, the sight carries a lifetime warranty.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Bowfinger Archery, 615-952-5858;

A Simplified Solution

Dead-On Archery has been solving one of the biggest problems in bowhunting for the past several years by helping archers judge distance at full draw. Now, the company is taking it one step further. For 2013, the popular Dead-On Rangefinder will come preconfigured for either a white-tail deer or an elk at the most common draw lengths. Just remove the device from the package and put it on your bow sight--simple. This significant enhancement, however, will not change the price to you the consumer.

MSRP: $19.99

Contact: Dead-On Archery, 866-610-7221;

On A Diet

The Opposition arrow rest from Schaffer Performance Archery has undergone a bit of a facelift for 2013. Now, the Opposition Lite will weigh in at just three ounces--20 percent lighter than the original, Available in Lost Camo and black, the Opposition Lite will feature Skeletonized Jaws and optional button colors of red, green or black to match your setup. Unlike other drop-away models that require you to cock the launcher before release, this rest allows shooting from the cocked or uncocked positions. The arrow is contained no matter the circumstances, and the rest will handle arrow speeds in excess of 418 fps.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Schaffer Performance Archery, 952-894-6169;

Seeing is Believing

Axcel Sights believes that in order to fully trust your bow sight, you first need to be able to see exactly what you're looking at. That's why the new Armortech HD Vision offers a massive, two-inch housing for optimal view of your game animal. True Center Vision technology ensures a completely circular sight picture, even when being viewed slightly off center. And like the original ArmorTech, the strength, stability and durability of this sight is second to none.

MSRP: $239.99

Contact: T.R.U. Ball, 434-929-2800;

Staying Silent

Vapor Trail's Limbdriver Pro-V is back for another year with the same simple setup, adjustable string tension and its free-floating launcher arm. However, the key difference is what you will hear--or won't hear--at any point during the draw cycle and release. The company has increased the size of the rubber dampener on the Pro-V to make it virtually silent. Available in black, Lost Camo and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

MSRP: $129.99 (Black), $139.99 (Camo)

Contact: VaporTrail, 800-310-8110;

An Accommodating Feature

Independently adjustable launcher arms are the key to G5's newest product--the Halo Capture Rest. With the aforementioned launcher arms, the full-capture rest can be adjusted for any size shaft, including micro-di-ameter arrows. The device is ambidextrous and features forward flexing arms that will move out of the way of the arrow's path for top-notch accuracy and total forgiveness. Available in black.

MSRP: $49.99

Contact: G5 Outdoors, 866-456-8836;

Tune With Ease

Xtreme Hardcore Gear thinks it just may have found the answer to the tuning trouble that many archers have. The solution lies in the form of the V-Twin Full Capture Rest--a product that features independent adjustments of the Teflon launchers, as well as their housings. That allows for custom tuning of overall height as well as sideways pressure on your arrow. The machined aluminum body ensures durability and silence.

MSRP: $89.95

Contact: Xtreme Hardcore Gear, 208-746-7065;

Simple and Accurate

For 2013, Arizona Archery Enterprises is offering a limb-driven, fall-away rest that has a lot going for it. The Hawk Eye is aimed toward the customer who wants simplicity, accuracy and an affordable price. The activation cord on the rest may be attached to either of the bow's limbs using the company's limb sandwich. With a molded launcher that supports and dampens the arrow through the bow's shot cycle, users can rest assured that noise will not be a factor. A total containment cage prevents your arrow from falling off the rest.

MSRP: $59.99

Contact: Arizona Archery Enterprises, 928-772-9887;

Hit the Detonator

The all-new Detonator wrist-strap release from Tru-Glo is a hook-style design featuring the revolutionary Boa Closure System for a consistent, custom fit. Simply slide the strap over your wrist and turn the Boa dial until the desired tightness is achieved. To remove, just pull the Boa dial and tension is released. There's no need to deal with noisy Velcro or fumble with buckles in the dark. And as you add or remove layers of clothing, the Boa will always produce a perfect fit. The Detonator also boasts a stainless .steel hook with magnetic reload for quicker shots, forward trigger design, 360-degree rotating head, a streamlined design for easy loading on flocking loops and a smooth, crisp trigger with micro-adjustable tension and travel.

MSRP: $79.99

Contact: TruGlo, 888-887-8456;

Into the Reactor

The new Reactor 5-arrow quiver from Apex Gear features a low-profile design that_keeps it tight against your bow and an adjustable mounting bracket to place it at just the right height. The Reactor's red rubber hood liner makes it easier to see inside, protects blades and prevents noise and rattling. The Reactor also features an ISO-BRIDGE vibration dampener, adjustable tension cam lock, Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating and a secure, double-gripper design that fits even the smallest micro-diameter hunting shafts. The Reactor fits both left- and right-handed bows and comes with an aluminum hanging loop for trees-tand use. It's available in black, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Rea!tree Xtra, Realtree APG and Matherws' Lost camo.

MSRP: $49.99 (black) or $54.99 (camo)

Contact: Apex Gear, 888-887-8456;

On the Edge

Three incredibly strong, individual carbon composite tubes are the backbone of Hoyt's new Carbon Edge stabilizers. Smaller diameter tubes on the outer edges and a slightly larger tube in the middle create an aerodynamic effect to go along with the sleek shape and functionality. Available in 6.5 and 8.5-inch lengths and in in Realtree Xtra, Max-1, AP Snow and Black Out.

MSRP: Varies by Model

Contact: Hoyt, 801-363-2990;

A New Way of Thinking

Tired of the traditional way? Care to do things a hair differently than everybody else? Perrys New Peep gives you an alternative to the industry standard for sights. First of all, peep sights will not be necessary in this setup, which features dual sight housings. Additionally, the PNP sight will inform you if your form is proper or not. If the dots do not align, your form needs some adjusting. Target alignment will be a breeze, archers will enjoy a large field of view, and low-light conditions will also be no match for the PNP.

MSRP: $209

Contact Perrys No Peep, 315-245-1538;

Just One Pin

For those of you who like the simplicity of single-pin sights, Archer Xtreme has introduced the brand new AX Driver 1. A .019-inch single-pin design offers target-sight accuracy and a precision vertical drive system with key sight features that are required to make longer-than-average shots. A large sight housing offers an unmatched field of view of the target down range. The fast and effective Elevation Drive Gear system provides smooth, pinpoint range adjustments. Available in blackout with red accent knobs.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Archer Xtreme, 406-924-6113;

A Total Redesign

PSE has completely redesigned its Slider sight for 2013. It features a single metal sight pin with 18 inches of high-quality .019-inch fiber optic material, along with a third-axis level and the ability to accommodate a 1(5/8)-inch lens. The smooth actuating arm and micro adjust windage make it easy to operate. The adjustable yardage indicator eliminates the need to erase and make new marks for slight sighting variations. It also has the ability to quickly adjust from right- to left-handed configuration.

MSRP: $74.99

Contact: Precision Shooting

Equipment, 520-884-9065:

Keep It Stable

KTECH Designs has introduced its all-new Intrepid Stabilizer for 2013. The company prides itself on design and function, and has this product loaded with the best technology available. Utilizing Weight-Forward Modular Weight Position capability and outboard Vibration Reduction Rods, the 6-inch, 6.6-ounce stabilizer showcases the perfect blend of balance and control. Also, CNC Machined 6061-T6 . Aluminum Components, along with an Integrated Center Truss, makes the Intrepid extremely durable. Available in Lost Camo, Lost Camo AT, Realtree AP, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, Black, Carbon Fiber, Harvest Moon and Muddy Girl.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: KTECH Designs, 810-309-1582;

Choose Your Range

TruGlo teamed up with Ralph and Vicki Ciancia-rulo to create the new Archer's Choice Range Rover single-pin adjustable sight. The Range Rover is TruGlo's brightest single-pin sight ever, featuring fully wrapped fiber and a single, .019-inch pin inside a 1.8-inch housing that accepts an optional scope lens. One-handed yardage adjustments are a snap thanks to the super smooth bracket and CNC-machined, precision linkage system. A glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring helps align the housing with your peep sight. Other highlights include a second- and third-axis adjustable level, adjustable yardage stop for setting maximum range, laser-etched windage and elevation adjustment marks and multiple quiver-mounting options. The Range Rover fits both left- and right-handed bows and comes with more than 40 pre-marked yardage tapes for simple setup with virtually any bow/arrow combination.

MSRP: $89.99 (standard) or $119.99 (micro-adjust windage)

Contact: TruGlo, 888-887-8456;

A Kwik Solution

New for 2013 comes the Hl-5 arrow quiver from Kwikee Kwiver. The product will make the archer's job just a little bit easier for the coming year with its vertically adjustable, five-arrow, detachable design. A new mounting bracket is one of the added features for this year--a feature that you'll be sure to love--but the Hl-5 will still be able to be used with Kwikee Kwiver mounting brackets from the past.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Kwikee Kwiver, 800-346-7001;

Even More Versatile

New for 2013, Hamskea Archery Solutions' fall-away VersaRest is available with a bowhunter-friendly full-containment ring. As the name implies, the VersaRest is the most versatile rest on the market because it can be set up to operate via the top or bottom limbs, upward or downward cables or cable slide. It can also be set up as a fixed-position blade launcher or adjustable spring-tension blade. Comes with choice of three blade launchers and features numerous adjustments for lancher position and angle for ultimate customization. The VersaRest is built like a tank yet delivers precision performance for maximum accuracy.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Hamskea Archery Solutions, 970-978-8490;

Easy as 1-2-3-4

The all-new Easy 4 handheld release aid from Outdoor Products Group offers a whole host of options for both bowhunters and target 11) oir shooters. The Easy 4 can be shot as a two-, three- or four-finger release, depending on your shooting style. You can also attatch a wrist strap for even more options. Available for right- or left-handed shooters, the Easy 4 is advertised as the world's quickest release on and off the string. There are no springs or parts to wear out on the Easy 4, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

MSRP: $115

Contact: Outdoor Products Group, 304-972-7934;

Complete Adjustment

Scott Archery wants to put you in control of your equipment, and they've done it with the new Bows release. The product features a three-finger, handheld design with a fully adjustable trigger and an interchangeable spring system so you can set it to your preference. Internal parts are CNC machined from 440 stainless steel and feature a titanium coating.

MSRP: $230

Contact: Scott Archery, 606-663-2734;

Strictly Hunting

The new 2013 CBE Tek-Hybrid is the ultimate sight for the hardcore bowhunter. Features include the exclusive, rapid-drive elevation system for quick and precise vertical adjustment, a fiber management block with a rheostat light and a rearview sight tape display so you can make your fine adjustments without moving your bow. Sights come with Rhino Pins and are available in 1-, 3- or 5-pin configurations with built-in third-axis adjustment.

MSRP: $269-$279

Contact: Custom Bow Equipment, 606-6632734;

Target-like Accuracy

The hunting sight with target sight accuracy just got more attractive and accurate. The Ascent Ambush has more range and adjustability than traditional single-pin hunting sights on the market. Features include first- and second-axis adjustment, a rear-facing sight yardage tape and sight is now lens adaptable. You'll also find it easier than ever to line up your pin guard in your peep in low light with Black Gold's interchangeable fluorescent sight rings that are available in nitrous green (standard), atomic yellow, piercing pink, radical red and wicked white.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Black Gold Sights, 406-388-9060;

The Great Equalizer

The EQUALIZER Archery Release from Goat Tuff Products offers archers the opportunity of increasing arrow speed without having to increase draw weight. This revolutionary new design accomplishes this by letting the archer increase draw length by up to 3 inches. This produces a tremendous increase in performance and arrow speed. For 2013 the device comes with a new Length Adjustment feature that allows perfect placement of the head in your hand.

MSRP: Not available

Contact: Goat Tuff Products, 520-742-1701;
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