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Bow Accessories.

New Kwikee

Kwikee Kwiver's compact and lightweight three-arrow quiver, the K-3 is now available in a solid stem model, the K-3 SS. The new K-3 SS sports a camouflage stem that matches the hood and is equipped with a quick-detach bracket that mounts with the entire Kwikee Kwiver family. Featuring a double arrow gripper and compatible with fixed and mechanical broadheads, the K-3 SS is offered in many popular camouflage patterns including the new Next G1. The new quiver is made in America and carries a lifetime warranty.


Contact: Kwikee Kwiver, Dept. PB, (800) 346-7001;

Vertical Pins

A full 18 inches of fiber optics allow the vertical .019-inch pins of the Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha V5 sight to glow brightly. The Micro Alpha V5 features a rugged yet lightweight housing and a contrast Glo Ring with spectral distribution technology that helps users complete target acquisition with little effort. The sight also has an easily visible level and third-axis adjustability.


Contact: Trophy Ridge, Dept. PB, (800) 694-9494;

Compact And Bright

Offering unique Light-Trap Collection Technology that collects light and provides bright aiming points, LimbSaver's Prism-Lite sight is a great choice for archers looking to take full advantage of legal shooting hours. The Prism-Lite weighs 4.4 ounces and includes a two-inch peep alignment sight ring with bubble level for precision aiming and consistent accuracy. LimbSaver's newest sight is available in three-and five-pin models and provides the options of .019-and .029-inch diameter pins. The sight is available in non-reflecting Soft Matt Black Finish and Next G-1 Camouflage.


Contact: LimbSaver by Sims, Dept. PB, (877) 257-2761;

Extreme Forward Trigger

Constructed from the highest grade steel, including a hand-polished stainless steel hook for a smooth release, Scott Archery's 2009 Rhino features a new open hook, single sear head. The Rhino has an extreme forward trigger to maximize draw length and a spring-loaded hook for quick and easy loading. The Rhino also boasts a new interchangeable spring system for a full range of trigger sensitivity adjustments, plus Scott's four-hole connector system or Nylon Connection System (NCS) for a comfortable fit.


Contact: Scott Archery Mfg. Dept. PB, (606) 663-2734;

Light And Rugged

Available in three-and five-arrow configurations, the new Ventera quiver from Fuse has an adjustable double-gripper to ensure a proper fit with fixed blade or mechanical heads. To accommodate all bowhunters' styles, the Ventera is offered in four different models--a one-piece, a two-piece, the QD Shorty that attaches to the upper quiver mounting hole and the budget-priced Lite.


Contact: Fuse Accessories, Dept. PB, (801) 363-2990;

Guides Arrows Longer, Retracts Faster

Mathews' new Down-Force arrow rest is designed to guide arrows longer and retract out of the way faster by attaching to the bowstring--not the cable. The Down-Force features harmonic dampers to cut down on vibration and noise and a spring-loaded cradle to retract up to five times faster than typical drop-away rests providing the ultimate in fletching clearance.


Contact: Mathews Inc. Dept. PB, (608) 269-2728;

Crisp Trigger

Featuring stainless steel jaws and a concave trigger, TruGlo's Tap Out Release offers a smooth and consistent trigger pull. The Tap Out has a dual caliper design that has been synchronized for smooth operation. TruGlo's new release is available in either a nylon strap with Velcro closure or a leather strap with a buckle.


Contact: TruGlo, Inc. Dept. PB, (972) 774-0323;

Bright Sight

To ensure maximum pin visibility during all legal shooting hours. Impact Archery houses the new Flex Series' long strands of fiber optics in a protective tube that enhances light gathering. To aid in target acquisition, the Flex also has a reflective peep alignment ring that can be combined with an optional pin illuminating light. The Flex sight is available in either a three-or five-pin model with the option to have up to a total of eight pins.


Contact: Impact Archery, Dept. PB, (770) 521-9173;

Aluminum Stabilizer

New from Shrewd Archery is the Aluma-Lite Hunting Stabilizer. The Aluma-Lite weighs 7.3 ounces, is seven inches long and is offered in either dark brown or dark green camo. To allow the Aluma-Lite to cut down further on bow shock and vibration, each stabilizer is fully CNC machined and features the company's Rubber Shock technology.


Contact: Shrewd Archery, Dept. PB, (540) 387-2922;

Goodbye To Your Peeps

The Eliminator Pro from Extreme Outdoor Products offers archers the opportunity to shoot accurately without a peep sight. A unique rear sight works in conjunction with the front sight to promote the same shooting form on every shot. The Eliminator Pro is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum, is available in multiple camo patterns and three-four-and five-pin configurations.


Contact: Extreme Outdoor Products, Dept. PB, (601) 320-0317;

Quiver Options

Alpine's new Special Edition Soft Loc Quivers offer archers plenty of options when it comes to arrow configurations and camouflage choices. The Special Edition Soft Loc Quivers are available in Lost Camo for all Mathew's shooters. They are also available in Realtree APG HD.


Contact: Alpine Archery, Dept. PB, (208) 746-4717;

Unique Sight

Machined from a solid block of aluminum, the new Anchor Sight from Archery Innovations allows shooters to forgo a peep sight and still shoot accurately. The Anchor Sight has a sleek anodized finish and allows archers to develop their own style of shooting and then repeat it accurately and comfortably with a full-spectrum vision of their target.


Contact: Archery Innovations, Dept. PB, (218) 563-2800;

Slimmer Sight

A new, slimmer sight housing complements the lightweight Maxxis sight from Fuse Accessories. The Maxxis also has a precision aligned mounting bracket and micro gang adjust for ease in sighting in. More than five feet of fiber optics keep the pins of the Maxxis glowing brightly, even in low light. This sight is available in three-and five-pin models and archers can choose either .019-or .029-inch pins.


Contact: Fuse Accessories, Dept. PB, (801) 363-2990;

Magnetic Release

Using input from BOWHUNTING Field Editor Randy Ulmer, Carter Enterprises' new Rx series of releases is designed with hardcore hunters in mind. The Rx series features Carter's Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.) and an innovative magnetic hook return that automatically closes with the simple squeeze of a trigger. Both the Rx1 and Rx2 come with a fully adjustable leather buckle strap.


Contact: Carter Enterprises, Dept. PB, (208) 624-3467;

Now In Lost Camo

Doinker's line of Chubby Hunter Stabilizers is now available in Mathews' Lost Camo. The Chubby Hunters are available in lengths ranging from three to six inches (weights range from 4.9-6.3 ounces) and feature ITPA-Bomb Technology that reduces shot noise and hand shock by drawing vibration away from the shooter's hand.


Contact: Leven Industries, Dept. PB, (818) 700-2899;

Friction-Free Vertical Drop Away

The secret to Trophy Ridge's Drop Slide silent operation is that there is no metal-on-metal contact due to strategically placed rubber dampeners. To completely clear your fletching, the Drop Slide has a stainless steel, recirculating ball bearing slide to drop the arrow holder out of the way. Other features include dual bolt mounting, easy center shot adjustment and a precise height adjustment cap screw.


Contact: Trophy Ridge, Dept. PB, (800) 694-9494;

Ultimate Whitetail Sight

The new Optix XR2 sight from G5 has one fixed-pin plus a hybrid floating pin, giving archers the option of sighting in for the optimum shot distance and stretching out the floating pin for longer ranges. The XR2 weighs six ounces, is covered in Realtree AP, has a built-in visor and rubber arrow bumper, has third-axis adjustability and features a large adjustment knob with vinyl yardage tape for increased visibility in the field.


Contact: G5 Outdoors, Dept. PB, (810) 392-8431;

Don't Drop Away, Drive Away

Muzzy's new X-Celerator arrow rest utilizes a rigid cable attached to the downward cable to drive the rest out of the way, ensuring 100 percent fletching clearance. The X-Celerator installs in only five minutes, fits right-or left-handed bows and will perform regardless of how fast your favorite hunting rig is shooting.


Contact: Muzzy Products Corp. Dept. PB, (770) 387-9300;

Lock It On, Take It Off

Axion Archery's new Simplex Loc series sight can be quickly removed when needed. The Simplex series features long fiber optics protected in a tube and housed in metal pins for bright yet durable aiming points. Another feature that caters to speed bow shooters is the two-track pin design, which allows hunters to have zero pin gap. The Simplex Loc Series is available in three-, four-and five-pin models with the option to have as many as eight.


Contact: Axion Archery, Dept. PB, (330) 343-0900;

Multiple Sections, Quieter Shots

Each independent quadrant of the new X-Coil stabilizer from Limbsaver works to isolate and dampen vibration at an increased rate. This results in a smoother, quieter shot. The X-Coil features integrated NAVCOM camo, improves balance while reducing bow torque, measures 4.5 inches in length (1.85 inches in diameter) and weighs five ounces.


Contact: Limbsaver by Sims, Dept. PB, (877) 257-2761;

Rock Solid Sight

The new Eclipse Sight from PSE is designed with a one-piece machined housing and rock solid machined mounting base to ensure your favorite hunting rig will stay sighted in through the rigors of a rough season. The Eclipse sight has five .019-inch pins, a bubble level and is lens capable.


Contact: PSE Archery, Dept. PB, (520) 884-9065;

Light Quiver

The days of cumbersome, awkward quivers are gone thanks to new products like the Eclipse 2-Piece Quiver from PSE. The 2-Piece Quiver is lightweight and will snugly hold a half dozen of just about any arrow on the market. Available in Mossy Oak Treestand, Break-Up and Digital Camo.


Contact: PSE Archery, Dept. PB, (520) 884-9065;

Any Arrow Size

The QuikTune Freedom hunting rest from New Archery Products combines full containment properties with drop-away technology. Requiring no strings or tethers for activation, the Freedom is easy to set up and offers simple horizontal and vertical (white vertical adjustment marks included) adjustments. An automatic arrow-sizing feature enables the archer to use any size shaft, from small diameter carbons to larger aluminum arrows, without affecting arrow flight. The QuikTune Freedom features a no-rebound launcher to assure the rest doesn't bounce back into the arrow's path.


Contact: New Archery Products, Dept. PB, (800) 323-1279;

Find Your Own Path To Fresh Venison

The new Hind Sight PathFinder is a one-pin adjustable sight that allows the shooter to dial up or down at full draw with finger touch control. A single TruGlo TFO Pin is centered in Hind Sight's glow-in-the-dark rear crosshairs and helps to automatically align the pin guard and rear sight ring for scopelike viewing of your target. The front and rear sights on the pathfinder move in unison, so the pin guard and rear sight ring appear as one for pinpoint precision at long distances. Hind Sight sights eliminate the need for a peep and provides increased light transmission.


Contact: Hind Sight, Inc. Dept. PB, (734) 878-2842;

Everything Camouflage

T.R.U. Ball's new Super Hornet was designed with the bowhunter in mind and features camouflaged, anodized parts and a camouflage leather buckle strap. The new release can be folded back or tucked into the sleeve when climbing your stand or when rattling. The Super Hornet's trigger provides quick loading by simply pulling the trigger to open the jaws and letting up on the trigger to close them. For target shooters, a Black Hornet is offered with a flat black anodized head and rod and a choice of a camouflage hook and loop or black leather buckle strap.


Contact: T.R.U. Ball, Dept. PB, (434) 929-2800;

Dovetail Option

The new Bone Collector Sights from Extreme Archery offer the features bowhunters desire. The sights are available in four models; the Model 1100, with fixed plate design and no tool adjustability; the Model 1200, with fixed plate design no tool adjustability and micro adjust; the Model 1300, with dovetail mount and no tool adjustability; and Model 1400, with dovetail mount, no tool adjustability and micro adjustment. Parts are made of aircraft aluminum, and each sight offers a two-inch sight window to accommodate enough pins to keep the Western hunter on target. Pin sizes of .010, .019 and .029 inches are offered, and the sights accept powered lenses of 3x, 4x and 6x.


Contact: Extreme Archery Products, Dept. PB, (606) 928-9447;

High-Tech Finish

Treelimb's Standard and Premium Series three-and five-arrow Treelimb Quivers are now available in the Carbon X Pattern. This high-tech finish blends a variety of terrains and complements today's popular bow models. The Premium Series Quivers have a machined aluminum frame and built-in Treelimb Hanger. A Quick Detach Mounting System makes setup easier, allowing quick and easy removal of the quiver. Featuring Treelimb's Tension Lock System (TLS), the Premium Series Quivers hold arrows securely and tightly in the Thumb Tab Arrow Gripper.


Contact: Treelimb Products, Dept. PB, (419) 658-2010;
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