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Bovver boy Farage is pulling Cam's strings; LETTERS.

IT is worrying that so many people decided to vote UKIP in the council elections and by-election. They are anti-European, antiimmigration, anti-foreigner and anti-Welfare State. The only thing they appear to be for is bringing back smoking in pubs. It looks as if their policies might have been worked out on a beer mat.

Let's hope their success is down to a protest vote against politics in general and not to a new Alf Garnett mentality. Just because Nigel Farage seems affable and wears a collar and tie does not make him any less dangerous than a bovver boy with Hitler tattoos. And he appears to be working David Cameron from the back, moving the ConDems to the right. - Gus Morrison, Old Kilpatrick
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 19, 2013
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