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BoundsChecker by NuMega is first error detection tool to support Microsoft's ActiveX technologies; Enables accelerated deployment of high quality Internet applications.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 12, 1996--In keeping with its tradition of immediately supporting new Microsoft platforms and architectures, NuMega Technologies Inc., the worldwide leader in error detection and advanced debugging tools for the Windows operating system, today announced that its BoundsChecker product will provide error detection support for Microsoft's recently implemented ActiveX Technologies.

With BoundsChecker, the wave of developers writing new Internet applications will have the ability to detect errors very early in the development process, when they are the most straight-forward to fix, costs to amend them are the lowest, and time-to-market specifications and quality are the least impacted. NuMega is the first company providing this level of error detection support for the types of errors unique to this entirely new class of applications.

"Millions of developers are facing customer demand to quickly produce new releases of their applications that embrace the Internet and operate reliably across the corporate intranet and the global Internet," said Doug Henrich, director of developer relations and publications at Microsoft. "We're pleased to see NuMega continue its long tradition of providing tools that support new Microsoft technologies."

"Since the introduction of BoundsChecker, NuMega has made a commitment to not only support Microsoft's vision for application development, but to work with the company at the earliest possible stage to ensure that NuMega's products inherently support Microsoft's newest technologies and applications," stated Frank Grossman, president of NuMega Technologies. "With BoundsChecker, developers using Microsoft's ActiveX technologies have a powerful error detection tool that helps ensure robust applications which meet demanding time-to-market requirements."

Thorough and Complete Error Detection Technology for Internet Developers

NuMega's BoundsChecker, which streamlines the error detection process with a host of new features to support OLE and Internet-enabled development, enables the developer to investigate errors in real time as they occur. BoundsChecker is the only error detection tool that can evaluate Internet APIs, interfaces and controls, including ActiveX Technologies, URLMON and HLINK, while also validating hundreds of new DLL functions. This includes the Internet's most popular programming interface, the WinSock API. BoundsChecker's new OLECheck feature detects OLE interface leaks and invalid parameters and return codes for over 70 OLE interfaces. BoundsChecker ensures that all interfaces are correct, execution is error free and the software is dependable. With the ability to identify more than 85 error types in 8 categories by type, stack trace and exact location in source code, BoundsChecker is the most powerful error detection tool available to developers for Windows.

NuMega -- The Leader in Windows Error Detection and Advanced Debugging Tools

NuMega Technologies Inc., headquartered in Nashua, N.H., is the pioneer and recognized leader in the development of automatic error detection and advanced Windows debugging tools. To date, the company has provided error detection solutions to more than 75,000 users in businesses, governments and industries worldwide. NuMega's award-winning solutions substantially improve software quality and increase productivity for Windows developers.

NuMega's SoftICE, introduced in 1987, was the industry's first software-based alternative to ICE emulation hardware and is now available for MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 operating systems. BoundsChecker, NuMega's automated error detection tool, is available in Professional and Standard Editions for the Windows 95, Windows NT, and Windows 3.1 operating systems. BoundsChecker Professional Edition, which recently received the `1995 Star Tech' award from Windows Tech Journal and the `1996 Readers Choice' award from Visual Basic Programmers Journal, is available now, and the list price is $999 with special introductory pricing of $499. BoundsChecker Standard Edition is available now, and the list price is $299. Upgrades for existing customers are available, as are corporate site license options. For further information, contact NuMega Technologies Inc. at 1-800-4NUMEGA (1-800-468-6342); fax: 603-889-1135; electronic mail:; or on the World Wide Web at -0-

Microsoft, Windows, MS-DOS and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft in the United States and/or other countries.

CONTACT: NuMega Technologies Inc.

Bob O'Brien, 603/889-2386


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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 12, 1996
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