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Boundless future.

As the ASIS 44th Annual Seminar and Exhibits drew to a close, its volunteer leaders pledged to ensure that the solutions derived from the four days worth of learning would only expand the ideological boundaries of the Society's future.

But no one is just gambling on a successful future. Plans are already under way for the ASIS 45th Annual Seminar and Exhibits to be held in Las Vegas, September 27-30, 1999.

ASIS welcomed Cynthia P. Conlon, CPP, as its new president at the annual Meeting of the Membership. Outgoing president F. Mark Geraci, CPP, passed the gavel to Conlon, who then urged all members to prepare to become involved in the leadership of the Society.

Conlon first recognized the other officers who will serve on the Society's executive committee in the coming year. Those recognized were Raymond F. Humphrey, CPP, vice president; Chad Callaghan, CPP, treasurer; Robert D. Hulshouser, CPP, secretary; and Geraci as chairman of the board.

Recently elected members of the ASIS Board of Directors were also installed at the meeting. The new members include Humphrey; Barbara Ann Felker, CPP; Daniel H. Kropp, CPP; Steven C. Millwee, CPP; and Shirley A. Pierini, CPP. Gabriel E. Texidor was also installed as a board member to rill out the term of James H. Van Houten II, CPP, who is leaving the board after serving as its chairman.

At the meeting, Geraci thanked the Host Chapter Seminar Committee and singled out E. Floyd Phelps, CPP, Host Chapter Seminar Committee chairman, and Jane Sansom, Host Chapter Seminar Committee deputy chair. He also commended each member of the Host Chapter Seminar Committee, which included William David Bark, Subrena E. Hurd, Mike Martin, and LaCora McSwain.

Geraci then reported on the actions and activities of the Society during 1998, the highlight of which was the move to the Society's new headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. In his financial report, Chairman of the Board Van Houten announced that the Society continues to be fiscally sound. He noted that controls over expenditures and increasing participation in ASIS educational programming contributed substantially to a positive bottom line. "The headquarters staff and your Board of Directors are charged with dedicating substantial attention to the Society's short and long-term financial health," said Van Houten.

After Geraci inducted Conlon as the new ASIS President, Conlon spoke of her goals for her upcoming term. Conlon urged fellow members to rise to the occasion and become involved in leadership positions. "I will focus on the need for competent, creative, and committed volunteer leadership and the mentoring of future leaders to ensure the continued success of the Society," she said. "I feel there are members who have the potential to become volunteer leaders but either are not certain how to become involved or perhaps need some encouragement."

As a challenge to all members, Conlon urged Society members "around the world to come forward, ask for guidance, and begin the process that will prepare you for future roles within the Society."
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Title Annotation:officers of American Society for Industrial Security for the 1999 term
Publication:Security Management
Date:Oct 1, 1998
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