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Boundary scan package designed for Agilent's 307x testers. (Product Briefing).

Symphony 3070 is a hardware and software boundary scan upgrade for the Agilent Technologies 307x family of in-circuit testers. With this upgrade, users of Agilent Technologies 307x family of incircuit testers. With this upgrade, users of Agilent UNIX- or PC-based 307x systems can execute existing in-circuit test high-speed flash programming and tests prepared with JTAG's development tools.

The upgrade is built on a modular and flexible system architecture. This approach supports interchangeability, which allows test and programming applications to be transported across PC and UNIX software application development and execution environments.

The Symphony 3070 package consists of a JT 3710/ISA or JT3710/PCI DataBlaster boundary scan controller, a 4XJT 2139 isolation module (one per TAP), PIP 2176 runtime software for UNIX- or PC-based environments, and the PM 3790 Boundary Scan Diagnostics Software package. UNIX-based system: less than $23,000; PC-based system: less than $20,000.

JTAG Technologies,

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Publication:EE-Evaluation Engineering
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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